Ultimate Travel Guide To Tallinn And Its Popular Tourist Attractions

Tallinn is basically the popular city located in the Estonia and also on the northern coast of the Finland country. It is the capital of Estonia and really the most beautiful place to enjoy your holidays. This Tallinn is the most favorite and perfect holiday destination of many friends and families who want to have enjoyable time with their loveable persons. When the individuals would want to combine both the modern world and also greatest comforts in your trip, it is really a very nice city at all. Tallinn city of Estonia is also best known for the luxurious adventures and versatile nightlife with the rich local historical settings and cultural scene.

Top tourist attractions in Tallinn:

The following are the top tourist attractions of the tallinnaan city to enjoy your holidays with your friends and family members.


  • Tallinn Old Town – It is really the most beautiful place to see the real beauties of the city and its traditional cultures. One can able to get completely city trip experience with all facilities in this Tallinn old town.
  • Lennusadam Seaplane harbor – Whenever the individuals would often like to enjoy the truly interesting architecture and arts of atmosphere, it is a perfect place at all the times.
  • Toompea Hill – If you want to enjoy the climate and sceneries of the hill station in this city, this Toompea hill is a perfect destination where you can surely get the wonderful view of the ancient town. The views at the top of this hill are really amazing and iconic to give the natural treats to your eyes.
  • Kadriorg Park – It is really the nice park to visit with your family, pair or friends where there are several adventurous events found to give enjoyable pass time to every visitor.
  • Town Hall Square – In this destination, the tourists can able to get the nice atmosphere to walk and relax yourself completely. Everyone has to visit this place especially in the Christmas season to enjoy a lot in this amazing little town square.


Different activities in Tallinn city:

In this tallinnaan city, one can able to do the following activities to have better and enjoyable time pass with your loved ones.

  • When the individuals would like to buy the architectural things and various other shopping for your needs, you can go to the Long Street where there are hundreds of shops for your different purchases.
  • If the tourists want to completely relax yourself by reducing your stress and depression in this tourist destination, you can have the best walking tours in the different parts of the Tallinn city. Walking is really the popular activity in this destination to enjoy your time.


  • KGB museum – In order to have better time with the extremely interesting experience, you can go to the KGB museum where you can see many good and interesting things of the ancient city people.

Through this best travel guide to Tallinn city, the tourists can definitely plan your trip better to enjoy your holidays.

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