Top Fall Trends For Sterling Silver Jewelry

Every one of us likes to refresh our wardrobes with changing seasons. Just like the style of our clothes changes taste each season, our jewelry too undergoes regular upgrades with changing moods and seasons. Among all metals, silver-toned jewelry finds a place in most people’s vanity. Sterling silver jewelry come in various shapes and sizes and make for both subtle and statement pieces. Check out the below top fall trends for sterling silver jewelry this year.

  1. Inspired from nature

With the onset of fall, the nature undergoes massive changes. To bring in some nature inspiration in your sterling silver jewelry is a great way to style your look. For example, earrings and pendants in shapes of leaves, feathers and flowers will make for amazing jewelry trend during fall.

  1. Revamping the pearls

Pearls look beautiful when combined in sterling silver. Settle for neckpieces, chains and earrings strung with pearls this fall for some subtle statement.

  1. Layered necklaces

Layered necklaces in multiple strings are a jewelry trend that’s not getting older any sooner. If you still haven’t got yourself a layered neckpiece, you are missing out on a major jewelry trend this year. These necklaces are great to wear with any outfit and can amp up your look by several notches.

  1. Linked jewelry

Links and chains are here to stay. Be it hoops, bracelets, neckpieces and even rings, links and chains are a new style trend that everyone is wearing these days. Come fall, and you can expect a rise in popularity of linked jewelry.

  1. Stylish brooches

Whether on men’s jacket lapels or women’s dresses, sterling silver brooches are making a comeback this fall. Styled in various shapes and sizes, and embedded with pearls and semi-precious stones, brooches are statement pieces of jewelry that everyone can rock with panache.