Contacts Pros And Cons: Things To Consider First In Getting Your First Contact Lenses

Now that you have found out that you have a vision problem (nearsightedness, astigmatism, etc.), it is now time to choose what prescribed eyewear you will be using. Of course, the prescription glasses are more comfortable to come by. And for you is a bit mainstream. What you need is something that can free your face from any accessories and such. For that, your only option is one thing, and that is using contact lenses.

As a first-time user, you need first to consider a lot of things when opting for contact lenses. We will list down here the advantages and downsides of using contacts for you to understand contact lenses better.

Contacts: The Advantages

Here are reasons why you should use contact lenses instead of glasses:

  • You can use contacts even when raining, I mean, using glasses when raining can make the lenses wet and hard to look on to. With contacts, you don’t need to worry about wiping your lenses for weather or other elements doesn’t affect it at all.
  • When playing sports or doing outdoor activities, glasses can be quickly dropped or fall and may shatter if you are unlucky. With contacts, you don’t need to worry about anything dangling on your face.
  • Contacts can be used together with other eyewear too, like goggles for swimming or sunglasses.
  • No more bulky spectacle cases to carry around and store your glasses if not in use.
  • You can alter the color of your eyes depending on the color of the contacts that you are using, like using blue contacts or green if you want to.

The Downside Of Using Contacts

Of course, just like any other things, contacts to have its cons as well, such as:

  • You cannot wear your contacts for extended periods, like for example, half a day or longer.
  • Improper care of contacts may lead to irritation, itchiness, and redness of the eyes.
  • You need to continually change your contacts every so often, depending on the kind of contacts that you are using. And such contacts like a day for a daily disposable lens, or around six months for the traditional contacts.
  • First-time users may have a hard time adjusting themselves to the use of contacts. Usually, first-time users have a hard time applying contacts and may experience irritation at first use.
  • For women, be extra careful when applying makeup while wearing contacts. Even a small spec of makeup on your lens is all it needs for eye irritation to occur.


Surely contacts have a lot of benefits compared to the regularly prescribed spectacles. At first, it will be tedious work to apply them, but later on, using them becomes a habit. And you will be comfortable using them regularly. IF you want to have a little bit of flair to your contacts, you can check coloured contact lenses Australia online. Surely, there will be a lot of eye clinics in Australia that can do that for you.