Get cheat tips for the tuber simulator game

The all new tuber simulator Pewdiepie is again cutting the records of other online games around the world. The application first of all took the top niche in the application store and it is now being played by millions of players worldwide. The rush over the World Wide Web was similar to the Pokémon Go application and it created a problem for the developers. The workers used to do overtime in order to keep the server running for the Pokemon Go game. However, the game can be played offline as well to some extent and the users do not rely on the access to the internet to enjoy the application. hqdefault

So the developers went beyond that and created the pewdiepie’s tuber simulator cheats for the players who are stuck and have no way out to upload videos and earn virtual money for the tuber room extension. These are the cheat codes available in the online market which can be used to remove bux and play freely.

Tuber simulator wait period

Usually, you are supposed to wait to fix a period of time so as to shoot a video and to obtain an item, until and unless you accelerate the procedure with money. The involvement of real money seems quite expensive for the players and that is why people wait until the period is over on its own. This is time consuming, irritating and becomes boring at the end of the day. However, you can change the time of the iphone from its setting source. This way the time can be escaped quickly and you can reach to the shooting and uploading video manual.maxresdefault-3

Moreover, there is some more
pewdiepie’s tuber simulator cheats out of which one listed below-

You need to o to the time and date settings of your iphone to adjust the settings. Tap on date and time and slide the button towards the next to tab called set automatically and then to the left. By doing this the phone stops getting the internet supply and you can easily reset the iphone clock settings manually. Now set time beyond 18 hours to the next day date and time so that when you switch on the internet the application can accept the time schedule and you don’t have to wait anymore to shoot a video.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take some more tips from the online search engine and make it easy going to operate the pewdiepie tuber simulator.

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