What Is The Future As A WordPress Developer?

Before diving deep into the topic, let’s talk a little about the possibilities of WordPress in the future. Matt Mullenweg in WCEU 2016 said that in the deep future, WordPress can transform into a versatile operating system for the web. This means that WordPress will not just be a Content Management System (CMS) but a tactile platform that would support and run all kinds of apps. We can all agree that WordPress has come a long way since its inception and it is surely showing promise of improvement in the future.

There have been days when people got employed just for knowing WordPress. But now It has come down to an essential skill that all should possess. This ideology might have originated from the fact that many web developers prefer building a website from scratch. They find it exciting and challenging, rather than using tools that WordPress provide.

Whatever might be the case, we can never discard the importance of WordPress, as many companies prefer to adapt to the useful tools that the platform provides instead of investing time and resources into the development of a website from scratch. So, WordPress Developer Sydney might be doing an important job in the company but no one might acknowledge him as a PHP developer who can write complex codes.

The conclusion might be that, though WordPress developers might have a tough time now, but nothing stay the same. WordPress has been a powerful platform in the past and it will show massive development in the future. Struggle is a part of our lives and if you are a WordPress developer now, and are struggling; don’t worry. There are countless opportunities from WordPress, you are just yet to discover them all.