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Helmets are extremely important in every walk of life. One of the most important and critical jobs is the job of a welder. It is important for the welder to select the right kind of element so that is safety is put first. The helmet is usually called the first line of defense. Although there are a number of helmets that are available in the market the best brand to use is the miller welding helmets. In the olden days the helmets were passive that had a tiny window in the front that could be flipped up easily. One of the best kinds of helmets to use these days is the auto darkening helmet. With the old lens the focus of the welder would keep moving around. However with the auto darkening helmet welders can now focus on one single point and do not have to keep flicking their lens up and down. skull_in_flames_helmet_i3

The auto darkening helmet as an automatic adjuster at the side that adjusts according to the light around. This means that the welder will have the best possible vision at all times irrespective of the conditions around him. The auto darkening helmets are made of a special lens that looks like the screen of a television. It adjusts automatically and helps the welder see more clearly. Within no time welders have realized that the new age helmets are better than the ones that were available earlier.jacksonwh70_6

Welder helmets have become more light weight than the earlier versions where the welder’s helmet would weigh a lot and put a lot of stress on his back, neck and shoulders. The new age welder helmets are made to protect the eyes, neck and face of the welder. In addition to this the shoulders, neck and back of the welder is also protected because of the helmet being light weight. All welders that have used the new helmet have switched over to it without bothering to go back to the old and traditional way of testing themselves. With most of the emphasis being put on the comfort of the welder the light weight helmets have helped in a big way. With these new helmets it is no longer a problem moving the head around while welding. With the auto darkening helmets there is no reason for a welder to feel any kind of threats towards themselves.

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