Escape Room: Effective Team Building

An escape room is a reality adventure game where the players are supposed to escape the room with the help of clues and objects present in the room itself. The game is probably set at a fictional location such as a dungeon, prison cell or other such places and the players have to work together as a team to get out of that place. It is also considered as one of the most effective team building exercises.

The escape room got its inspiration from the “escape the room” video game which is the multimedia version of the same game. Escape rooms have proved to be helpful for stressed out students and overburdened professionals and it has been highly used by corporate firms as an exercise for team building for their employees. People have been reported to be so indulged in the game that they have actually torn down the instruments inside the room and it is also considered to be a place to run away from the actual surroundings of any individual.

Although it has been proven to be helpful in several cases, the escape room trains your mind to work as a team. You have to perform puzzles and possess a variety of skills that can be done only with the effort of a team work. The bonding and the ability to work together that arises from the escape room exercises have been highly appreciated by the corporate firms and they have been promoting escape room exercises ever since its launch.


Escape room delivers playful yet effective team building exercises which have known to promote team leadership and team development. The employees get an opportunity to experience the culture and value of the team in accomplishing some goals and how much the team work is important for their development and success too. The escape room exercises may even promote healthy communication amongst the team members and improve the way, people interact with each other in an organization.

Several other skills can also be promoted within the team members y incorporating several different elements in the escape room. After undergoing an escape room exercise, you would realize increased collaboration amongst the individuals of the team and the barriers they had to face while working together would be reduced. Working together helps you to understand the other person better and also make you realize what the other person needs from you to work more efficient and yield better results while working as a team.


If you or your team have been facing any kind of problem in working together or you want to elevate the performance of your team, you ought to try out these fun yet helpful team building exercise and you might be surprised to see the results. The challenges provided will promote  the indulgence of each person within the team and will make everyone realize their importance within the team which will help them to know each other well and how to tackle things together in difficult situations. It is highly recommended to every team to give it a shot.

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