How To Download And Install Showbox For Pc

ShowBox is a free online live streaming app for android for watching movies and TV serial shows. It provide the free HD online stream videos based on our genre and interest. The app is developing day by day with currently 10 million active users and also number of people downloaded this app also increases. It is estimated that nearly 3 lakhs people downloading the app per month. This encourage the developers to work hard on it and improve the app. The show box is available in different platforms such as windows, maciOS, blackberry etc. but we need to use some substitutes. First show box app for android only released but the craze it received, the makers later introduces it to all platforms.

The number of smart phone users in market gradually increases every day. Most people searching for entertainment apps in online such as for movies, games, TV serials and episodes etc. show box is one of the best entertainment app based which provide many categories of movies and TV serial shows. The genre includes the most viewed, horror, comedy, adventurous, action etc. it has another good feature that we not only watch movies streaming online, we can also download it easily. It also provide the videos with high resolution and best sound quality.

By installing show box you can watch favourite videos online on their devices. The app has an enormous collection the movies and serial with huge library over the collection of 10 thousand movies and constantly updating. It has many useful features such as download, adding your interesting videos to favourites, watch later etc. By using your mobile with access through internet we can watch online videos anywhere any time based on your time.


Another good things Show Box is free source and does not ask for any registration details and other stuff just click on your favourite movie and watch directly. In this app bulk of movies is found in one place all you need is to search for the movie you wanted and watch the streaming based on the quality you interested and you may download it if you wanted. You are also found the key word that most viewed popular serial series like game of thrones, walking dead, and prison break etc. and you click directly and watch it.

The user interface of the app is very easy, adorable simple and convenient. This app works perfectly in the tablets and mobile phones without any registration. Show box is a free app absolutely, the makers make money through the advertisements only. Show box online feature also available where we can watch the movies and serials from show box with our daily using search engines like google, yahoo, safari etc.

How to install and run Show Box on pc for windows 7, 8 and 10:

Show box app first only introduced to android only but with the support and reviews from the viewers they got they later leased the show box for different platforms. Show box APK file can be downloaded from any site to run on the pc and windows. This the free source and you can download it from any search engine and access freely and the use of it also very easy and flexible.


To download show box for android is bit easy. But when it comes to the personal computers it is somewhat a difficult task. In windows pc and mac iOS we need to install the software called Android Emulator which your pc flexible for supporting the android features in the pc. Blue Stacks android emulator is the top emulator for pc available in the market. Blue stacks emulator is currently the most used emulator for pc’s and mac iOS. Blue stacks can be easily downloaded from different web portals. The installation of blue stacks is also difficult. After installing the blue stacks on your pc you need the download the APK of show box for windows.

Once you install blue stacks emulator on your pc it is very easy to install the show box APK file. You may place the file in which ever the directory you want. The first step is right click on the APK file and choose the option called open with and click on the open with the blue stacks APK handler. Then there appears the rectangular box and you see an option called install. Click on the install option and the show box is installed in your pc and ready for use. By following these steps you can download and install the show box app for pc and mac os and you can enjoy the free online streaming of the movies with many categories. The latest version of the show box app is show box 4.65 which was released on May 19. But it has some bugs to be fixed so it’s better to download the previous version.

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