Diabetes Destroyer: Cure For Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease resulting in excess sugar in the body.
Originally the pancreas produce insulin, hence controlling the blood sugar level in the body.
Diabetes symptoms include frequent urination, increased thirst and hunger. Caused due to lack of insulin in the body, diabetes causes Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cancer and heart failure in the long run.
The disease acts like poison, slowly sucking the life out of a person.

The disease is of three types:

Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the pancreas fail to produce sufficient insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes occurs when the body develops resistance to insulin.

The third form affects lactating women who have no history of diabetes.


Diabetes is a  life threatening disease and is considered even more deadly than cancer as there is no permanent cure for diabetes as believed by the scientific community.
Some even claim the Type 2 to be as deadly as the AIDS.

Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes his life takes a ride downhill. The entire routine is thrown off schedule. With increased chances of early death, exhaustion and pain grips one’s life.
Painful pricks and expensive insulin becomes the daily menace. Apart from the physical pain, the person and his family goes through an emotional turmoil. And topping this is the expensive medication that takes a toll on their bank balance.

Many doctors believe that the disease has no permanent cure. It can only be controlled by mitigating the symptoms. Therefore patients are advised to go through medications, physical exercise and a strict diet, sorting it as a chronic disease.

The cause of the disease can be attributed to various factors. Some forms of diabetes are inherited from parents while some forms are gradually formed in the individual. The disease can be detected through blood sugar testing. The level of glucose present in the blood indicates whether the person is diabetic or not.


Once the disease is diagnosed in an individual the person needs to regularly monitor his blood sugar levels. The diabetes destroyer is a book written by David Andrews, Head Chef at a 5 star Hotel in the United States, who himself was a victim of the deadly Type 2 diabetes.

He was supposed to get his legs amputated in order to control his blood sugar. His blood sugar was 1474. This is considered to be a very high amount of glucose in a person’s blood and is also deadly; life threatening. Chances of strokes, heart attacks and other forms of life threatening diseases increased at a rapid rate.
Forsaken by the sudden turn of events, Andrew was disheartened.

Suddenly insights from Dr. Roy Taylor’s research paper turned his life completely around. The papers bought out the root cause of diabetes that was fats around the pancreas that prevented the pancreas from secreting the required amount of insulin needed by the body. The discovery was a made breakthrough in the field.

Roy was trying to find out why diabetes patients who have a gastric bypass become completely free of diabetes overnight. The operation does not have anything to do with pancreas. But the diet that follows the operation is the game changer.

The diet contains the right amount of nutrients and minerals required by the body to break the fats present around the pancreas. Though the diet is temporary its effects are far reaching. With the fats gone the pancreas start to function normally again. But the disease could return as the fat around the pancreas may settle again. So this isn’t a permanent solution but there was a temporary solution.

Andrew took this temporary solution and converted into a permanent solution. We all know that metabolism is needed to burn down fat present in the body.
He used that to his advantage. He devised 7 techniques that he could use to increase his metabolism. He performed them for 30 seconds from the comfort of his home in order to boost up his metabolism. This prevented the fats from recurring again.

His blood sugar returned to normal and he was free from expensive medication and painful insulin. But he alwqays felt that the disease was just waiting to sneak in again. He felt like he was trudging on a tight rope.
One day by accident, he had his breakfast and lunch at a different time than he usually had.
That day he was freed from that foreboding feeling.

So he researched this change of timings and found that what we eat matters, but when we eat also matters. What ensued was history.
Not only did he get well and reversed type 2 diabetes, he also wrote the book “Diabetes Destroyer” in order to spread the word around the world.

Though Dr Roy’s findings were published in the leading Diabetes magazine, Diabetology, the world was not aware of it. Andrew concluded that the drug companies who had bribed the doctors and nurses for prescribing their medications to diabetic patients had prevented this.


So he decided to spread the word himself. Reviews say that virtually everyone who have tried his treatment have gotten their glucose within control and most of them even have reversed it. He charges a nominal fee of 37 USDs for the book in order to keep the website running and to prepare for any case that might be filed against him by the fake pharmaceutical companies against him.

Andrew offers  a 60 days money back guarantee as well if for any reason an individual is dissatisfied.
This appears to be a fair offer. Taking a Newcastle method and making it totally fool proof is a great story itself. He is looking to break the stereotypes that surrounds the disease.The book ‘Diabetes Destroyer’ is divided into four sections:

The first part tells us what diabetes is and what are some myths surrounding them.

The second set gives the temporary diet plan that targets the fat around the pancreas.

The third section speaks of the the 7 metabolic steps.

The fourth division lists the timings and what an individual should consume at that timing.


The book can be bought online as a PDF. It also contains video links that gives the reader extra information about the process, with extra material.

What started merely as a research by Roy Taylor is now being used by David Andrew in order to help the world combat one of the deadliest diseases of the century. Though there will be critics, this is a smart lifetime chance to get better. With a money back guarantee there is nothing to lose. If Diabetic Destroyer pays off then an individual can not only save his life but also save a fortune for his family and himself.
So go ahead and try out Diabetes Destroyer which is based on Newcastle’s scientific research and proven facts!!

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