Contour Light Machine

Non-invasive body contouring is now one of the most popular form of fat reduction procedure that that is available today. Non-invasive means that there is no surgical operation needed in order to remove or reduce the extra fat in certain areas of the body. And the latest advancement in the field of non-invasive body contouring is the development of the Contour Light Lipo Laser Machine.

Contour Light Lipo Laser (LED) Machine

According to, Contour Light is the most popular body contouring machine among its contemporaries because of the power it generates, how it handles the heating system and its effectiveness. This machine can do twice as much as any other machine in the same span of time. That is why they are usually used in clinics that caters to many costumers. In 635nm wavelength, it can dissolve and drain fat quickly and efficiently.


These machines are made in the United States of America. So if you are based in the U.S., you easily buy the Contour Machine. There are also times that there is a need for maintenance checks or to fix certain problems with the machine, so in cases, like you can just go to your nearest supplier and ask for assistance.

Design of the Contour Light

The Contour Light machine is designed in such a way where the operator can control the amount of power released from the machine.So he can adjust the power to whatever strength he want it to be. It also has a controller that is very user-friendly, which is very easy to understand and to navigate. You can even customize the length of each session depending on the need.


The machine has 5 main connectors and each connector can house 5-4 pads and a face mask. One good thing about these many connectors though is that the wires do not get tangled easily. This is because there are fewer paddles. These connectors are operated at the same time to ensure that the procedure is balanced. There is also an inbuilt alarm that signals when every session is about to end so you can turn off the machine.

The machine can also be easily cleaned and maintained because it only uses 4-5 paddles per sessions. These pads are also covered with transparent plastic so they can be washed. Even if the plastic tears, it is cheap and easy to replace.

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