Is Carrageenan A Bad Or Good? Do Find It Below

Carrageenan is an extract from the red sea weeds. They are mainly found in the coast of East Africa and south East Asia. It is a soluble fibre and many times replaces with animal based and synthetic products .They belongs to the family of the linear sulphated polysaccharides. Carrageenan is mostly used in the food industry for stabilizing properties, thickening and gelling. Because of their hard binding to proteins they are used in the meat and dairy products.Carrageenan is used and as the food additive as it is something that is added to the food.

Based on the degree of the sulphates, Carrageenan are classified in to 3 types they are lambda Carrageenan, Lota Carrageenan and kappa Carrageenan.Lambda Carrageenan does not form any gel and is used to stiffen the dairy products and it has a degree of 1 sulphate group/ disaccharide. Lota Carrageenan in the existence of calcium ions forms the soft gel and it has a degree 2 sulphate per group. Kappa Carrageenan in the presence of potassium ions from the tough and rigid gels. Kappa Carrageenan gets react with the daily proteins and it has a degree 3 sulphate per ions.


Many people doubted that is Carrageenan bad or good? Being the big name which spell like one kind of the harmful chemicals, but fact is that it is harvested from the natural source sea weed is known popular for the several well ness and health benefits. So it is never caused any health problems. It is the major ingredient used in the food industry. The food is eat to love is never a same taste without the Carrageenan.

Frankly there are lot of uncertainty and many false claims around the Carrageenan. In the previous generations gone by the Carrageenan are categorised in to two types they are degraded and undegraded. Undegraded Carrageenan which is extracted from sea wood in a gentle manner is available in food.  Before adding it to the food it does not put thorough any grinding. The other type graded Carrageenan which is also called as poligeenan is never used in food for the decade in fact it causes some health problems. Graded Carrageenan is actually put through the bath of harsh acid. But some still refer it as a degraded Carrageenan which gives some bad fame to the degraded Carrageenan and causes not needed confusions like is Carrageenan bad or good?? So they use the name is technically called as the poligeenan.


Some people stated that there is a greater chance that the Carrageenan can converted in to poligeenan because of the acidic conditions inside body. In the creation of the poligeenan it is required to wash at 194 degree Fahrenheit up to 6 hours in acidic batch with concentration of 1 ph. value. But in our stomach just produces the 99 Fahrenheit which is very less than poligeenan and stomach highest PH value is 2.5 which makes that that carrageenan never turned in to poligeenan.

So one thing is clear that the Carrageenan is never causes any problems and don’t believe in any unnecessary claims and put yourself in a doubted situation.

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