Best Golf Clubs In Perth

The western Australian city of Perth offers a great lot of natural beauty. Coaxed with blue skies and ocean waters, Perth is a dream destination for golf lovers. The golf clubs Perth offer are highly maintained, customized to perfection and are greenery at its best.

Out of the many golf clubs Perth has, few of them are listed below and you should have a tick in all of the check boxes.

Jurien Bay country golf club stands majestically alongside the Indian Ocean and offers the finest turf to play golf on.

Kalannie Golf Club is situated in the Kalannie district attracting players for its nicely laid out undulating plains.


Kwinana Golf Club is a championship arena as all A-level championships are arranged here. The picturesque background and state of the art facilities make this a ready destination for professional as well as amateur players.

Lake Karrinyup country club is one of the most premier golf clubs Perth offers. The green cut background and exotic water bodies took this place into the world’s leading golf club list. This place has already held the Johnnie Walker championship in 2002 and in 2003.

Lakelands country club is the oldest club running. The 18 hole course is a 20 minutes ride from Perth. Set up in 1984,the Lakelands country club is set against a back drop of lush greenery.


Mandurah country club is placed between Indian Ocean and peel estuary. The beautiful picture of darling range and flanked by the Indian Ocean on the other hand, this golf course offers the best background for a nice game of golf.

Margaret River golf club was started in 1988 and since then it has been a popular club in the town. Situated 8kms from Perth, the natural beauty makes it stand out. Weekends are always full here.

Perth has some of the best golf clubs. Come to Perth. Enjoy Australia.

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