7 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Abs Workout

Abdominals play an important part in aesthetics and are the most appealing muscles. Most of the gym-goers train their abs for a flat stomach. Nonetheless, people commit the most mistakes during abs workout. Here are 7 most common mistakes that gym-goers must avoid to make their abs workout efficient and achiever results quickly.


It is a great exercise to strengthen your abdominals. On the contrary, if it is performed wrongly it will lead to a strained spine and will not show results. While performing crunches, people should lift only through their abdominals with their butts and feet on the ground. Also, bending your body a little before lifting it up is the correct way to do crunches.


Without a proper clean bulk diet, no muscle can be improved. Incorporate a healthy and bulky diet to build better abs.

Incline sit-ups

This exercise puts more pressure on the lower back than on the abs and should be avoided by gym-goers completely.


Plank is one of the best exercises to achieve clear-cut abs. The most common mistake during plank is either keeping the lower back too low or lifting it too high. People should maintain a good posture during plank to maximize results.

Hanging leg raise

While performing this exercise, do not use momentum to lift your legs. People often employ their lower back and swing their legs up instead of lifting them up solely through their abdominal.


This exercise trains the entire core but if done incorrectly, it will put a strain on the hips and back. Remember to perform the exercise correctly and maintain a good form while doing it.

Using momentum

It is a mistake common to many abdominal workouts. People often use momentum to either lift their upper body or their lower body to perform an exercise. Abs exercises do not use momentum but require consistent slow movements. To achieve maximum results, incorporate a clean bulk diet and maintain good posture.