4 Action Unblocked Games Every Fan Must Play

Games may become difficult to locate which can be played in limited internet accessibility, especially when they are your favorite action games. But don’t worry, because we have brought 4 such fascinating unblocked action games for you which will soon become your favorite.

Nightmare Runner

This is one of the unblocked games that revolves around a “runner” who has to escape the nightmares. He faces many enemies which he must kill with your help and has to pass through many obstacles. On the way, runner will get many bonuses to collect and improve your chances of winning against the nightmares. Use the mouse to navigate where the runner should direct his shooting, use the spacebar or the up arrow key to dump or double jump when you come across the gaps. Keep running and beat your own high scores! All the best!


Ace Gangster Taxi

Can’t play your favorite taxi game? Don’t worry. Here is Ace Gangster Taxi in which you become the driver, picking up and dropping new passengers throughout the city. On the way you will encounter accidents and will even run over pedestrians. If your taxi encounters too many damages, you will be able to fix them through upgrades. These upgrades can be brought by the money you earn from your passengers. And don’t forget to refuel the tank at timely intervals!

Last Line of Defense

It is the most interesting Zombie game you will come across. With the weapons available to you, you have to kill all the zombies which try to enter into your territory. Remember to strike all of them down before they become a threat to you!

Controls are your mouse and the right click button.



This is a shooting game in which you can choose from many avatars and characters of the game and win the game, defeating your enemies. Playing with the different characters will let you get insight about the game stats and make you better as you keep playing.
Higher stats mean more power to you. This is how you can increase your chances of winning against your opponent.

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