What Is Color Switch?

If you spent your entire travel time playing games like flappy bird or candy crush then this is the perfect place for you because we are going to introduce you to the new addiction of the world that is going to exercise your fingers and this game is known as color switch. This free game created by Fortafy is pretty easy and all you have to do is pass your bally through a circle. The circle will be divided into four parts and you can only pass the ball through the part that has the same color as the ball. Once you clear that then the color of the ball will change.


Slowly there will be more difficulties in the game and it will become very tough to score even 10 points. The speed and the color changes and this is what makes the game so addictive. You can play the game through the challenge mode or race mode and you can even check your skills against other friends by comparing each other’s points. You can also control the speed of the game. The Challenge Mode has different modes of playing the game like moving the ball downwards.

The colors of color switch are very catchy as they use cyan, magenta, yellow, purple and black. The colors are very catchy and can definitely catch your eye. Another fact about this game which will make you fall in love is the music. Most games have irritating loud music but this game has some crazy deep house music which will make you fall in love with it. Nothing in this game is impossible and everything is achievable.


You can download this game for free from the android market, play store or else you can also download the apk file of the app from any online forum like ApkMirror.com.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind if you want to move through the game very fast and one of them would be to have a speed of two taps per second record so that the color always comes out to be the same. If the color is different then you can tap a bit faster until the color matches. You don’t always need to keep the ball moving and instead you could just tap on the screen slowly so that ball keeps on bouncing. This is an amazing feature as you can rest for some time after finishing an obstacle.

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