Western Toilets V/S Traditional Squat Toilets

Today the major concern, Are the Western toilets responsible for serious problems like constipation, appendicitis, and even heart attacks too?

If we analyse the data over the past years, the above fact is true. These western toilets have required us to change our position which we use to evacuate our bowels which has largely changed the whole anatomy of… if want to mention directly poop!!


Squatting is a way which our ancestors performed their bodily functions basically till the middle of the 19th Century. Sitting toilets were although kept reserved for royal people and the disabled ones. But this lavish “progress” of societies may be partly to blame for higher rates of pelvic disease.

As globalization has continued to make the way across the world, squat toilets are getting converted to sitting toilets. For example, even Thailand’s Health Ministry announced that they will be replacing all squat toilets with the sit-down toilets at mainly all type public toilets. This may not be good thing if public health is concerned, as mainly wide range of health problems have been associated with this mass change of toilets from squatting to sitting.


Two most common problems occurring from this change are constipation and haemorrhoids.  Unfortunately, there are many people out there who needlessly suffer from these diseases because they are very embarrassed to share the problem with their healthcare providers.To prevent this type of disease, person should also stay hydrated with adequate water daily, seek to control emotional stress, and also perform plenty of exercise for your own benefit.

Do consult your dietician for a proper diet containing lot of probiotics.

Considering all the above facts, still the old remains gold, best toilet for us is still squat keeping aside this whole era of modernisation.

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