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Everyone must have heard about the lie detector.

These lie detectors are used in police investigations or interrogations. It helps the police force to know about the suspect before him is really a culprit or an innocent. And one can witness this test during their government sector jobs. They test so that, there are not lying on particular thing about them. This test will provide the government, the best employees.

Lie detector test is also called as polygraph test. The so called name for lie detector test has given because it shows multiple signals on a graph. During the polygraph test, there will be 4 to 6 sensors that are attached to person. The multiple signals the polygraph test provides are:

  • The person’s blood pressure.
  • A person’s breathing rate, if his breathing rate is more than recommended, then that is what your polygraph machine is doing it right.
  • A person’s perspiration.
  • A person’s pulse.


At times, the polygraph machine will record few other things as well. They are mainly leg and hand movement.

In the beginning, the polygraph test starts with three to four simple questions so that, the persons signals are established and then can check the difference. Simple questions can be about the personal and simple things like asking about your name and stuff like that.

Then starts the real part, the questions are listed for testing in polygraph will be asked. There is a moving paper which has the recordings of the person’s behavior when he answers certain questions.

While considering the answers of during and after sessions, the polygraph examiner will cross check the graph movement from simple question to the main questions. Few things like, faster heart beat rate, increased perspiration, higher blood pressure will prove that the person is lying.

When a well trained and experienced polygraph examiner examines you on polygraph, there is high chance and accuracy of find whether the person is lying or not.

While some pranksters can does perfectly in fooling the polygraph test. If a person known’s how to cheat or can lie with ease. They can cheat this particular machine with ease, and cannot get caught. So, this polygraph test is not always perfect to test whether the person is lying or saying the truth. But let’s not discuss about the wrong side of the machine, because it has all the best things doing to about more than 70{8c630844b85927f17d2bf68ec6e5cb6feb244b0e1ec8f11b283f04f6fb61f33e} times. This polygraph test is used all over the world. Many of the times, the examiners will succeed. In UK, this test is so famous and there are many agencies which offer to support you to produce the results for particular person about the truth, the agencies will cost some bucks for doing so. But it always best way to choose the best polygraph test examiners by the previous customer reviews so that you don’t get bluffed about the result. The experienced can produce you the correct and accurate results.


Here we are about to discuss about the UK’s largest lie detector test company.

UK lie detector test are the country’s largest company which are providing the culprits and supporting the innocents. These are one of the best companies which offer the polygraph services all over the country. They offer the services Lie detector test London with highly professional and experienced staff in it. They are well trained and their professional will like to provide the society or a particular person the accurate results and can get justice out of it. The trained professionals will undergo different type of situations like situational, commercial or personal levels. These professionals have their experienced for over a decade in dealing different kind of situational cases. With the help of this company one can get the best results in the class.   

Services you would see when you find a pamphlet of this company:

Employment screening test:

This particular test is for the employee, mostly the government sector jobs will have this screening test to know the approximate of the answers or the work he can provide to the company. So that employer get to know about the person who is up and can make walk out the person’s who are not qualified for the next round by this test. The employee who passes this test can be trust worth person to the company.

Sexual offender test:

This particular test is for those who manage to get away from the sex assault cases. The cases mainly includes exploiting a minor sexually, child molestation, sell or buy children among other sexual offences. This company has well connected all over the country and they solve many of the sex assault cases. This can prove whether the person who is a culprit, speaking truth or lie.

Commercial investigation:

This investigation test will be for those who are in the business field and are up for this particular test regularly because of these issues, assault, theft or fraud. The company has many cases solved in this particular category. As you see, there are many companies which show fraudulent sometimes, for those people, the tests will be like investigating the person or tracking the fraud about how many more persons are else there it.

False insurance claims:

There are people who claim falsely about their insurance policy. And the companies won’t be able to find the evidences, so that they assure the claims. For those people who falsely claim the insurance, it would be better if the insurance company go with the lie detector test London, if the person and the company are residing in there. This will help the company whether the client is speaking or claiming the truth or he or she just wants to cover the insurance so that he gets beneficial.

Private investigation & theft:

This particular test will be for commercial or personal purposes. This service covers the fraud, scammer, and thefts. The UK lie detectors have professionals and machines that can help one to solve their problem.

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