Wallpaper Paint

One of the most exciting and at times challenging endeavours for a home owner is getting the right type of interior decor for their home. It needs to be a combination of both aesthetic value and functionality, while not being too expensive and time consuming as well. If you are deciding which would be a better option having your walls painted or replacing it instead with attractive wallpaper, the latter is definitely a much better option. This is both in terms of cost as well as time that is saved on the process of decorating the walls with wallpaper.

Both paint and wallpaper have their pros and cons as with everything else. If you planning whether to buy wallpaper for walls or considering having them painted lets looks at the advantages and disadvantages of both options:


The primary motive when deciding which to choose is the difficulty of application, protective features and duration. Paints while a preferred option are longer lasting and come in a variety of options like enamel, latex and oil based. They are known to dry fast and easier to maintain. The drawback with using paint is that that they are much more expensive and can fade or chip over time. Some of them are difficult to apply as well and can be a time consuming process.  Beside their aesthetic options are rather limited in nature.


Wallpapers on the other hand offer greater flexibility in styles, patterns and textures to choose from. They can reflect your own individual personality or style and can be varied as per the specific use of a room. They are easy in application and less time consuming to install. The disadvantage of using wallpaper is that they can be a challenge to clean and maintain. Also they may fade or chip over time.

Deciding which would be a better option is a decision that a homeowner needs to carefully consider, before opting for whichever would better suit his needs.

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