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The hottest trend in men’s hairstyle is pompadour. Pompadour is an arrangement of hair in which hair is rolled over the forehead in a roll. Celebrities, students, businessmen are all choosing this new look. Pompadour is named after Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764). She was King Louis XV mistress. Originally it was a female haircut, but now men are rocking with this cut. Rock star Elvis Presley was popular with this cut in the late 1950’s. The style has evolved quite dramatically with king’s heyday experimented with length through the top while keeping the back and sides short. For women, this hairstyle is created by ratting at the roots of the hair on sides towards the top of head. Then the hair is combined up and the sides are pulled back towards the center. In the Psychobilly culture, pompadour is slightly modified to form the quiff. It is a hairstyle worn by Psychobilly fans and musicians. It is a mix between Mohawk style and the pompadour.  Generally for men, pompadour is worn with short sides, with the hair swept upwards and backwards. Men and women are continued to wear pompadour variations in the 21st century to make it suit for face shape, lifestyle and career. There are two main variations in pompadour hairstyle. They are: Classic, Extreme/ Modern.images

  • The Classic:This type of cut is suitable for more refined gentleman. In this hairstyle, the side of the cut is not too short. This longer hair on the side of the face will soften the dramatic effect of hairstyle. It is incredibly well with shorter beard. Hair is not clipped higher than the crown of head to ensure that it does not end up with extreme style. It does not look good on most face shapes, but it well suits for the people with long faces.
  • The Extreme/ Modern:Recent hairstylists are experimenting with more extreme versions of the look. In this type of cut, the side and back hair will be shaved short. This cut combines the pompadour and undercut. It suits people with rounder faces. This haircut is worn by many of the modern day celebrities and artists.


Nice crisp finish with shine can be achieved by applying wet pomade or a stronger styling cream to towel dried hair. When working with high shine products, it is advisable to start with a small amount of hair and work into the sides of hair so that; hair will not appear too greasy. For more volume, try pushing the hair into the direction of style worn by using fingers or a vent brush. Another finishing cream can also be applied on the top to create texture whether for dry or wet look. In order to keep style in shape, hairspray must be applied. However, one downfall of modern pompadour is its quite high maintenance. It needs to be styled daily and the back and sides should be trimmed regularly. But this cut is more flexible as it suits many face shapes.

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