Top Medical Reasons For Feeling Tired And Sleepy

In recent days, loads and loads of people are complained about the feeling of tired and so sleepy. This condition is a very serious illness and also the painful ones, if it can make you tried. If you feel always tired and sleepy, below are some of the top medical reasons to cause fatigue that includes:always sleepy

  • Anemia

It is a common reason for feeling sleepy. It highly affects men than women. Comparatively, many women suffer a lot about this condition, especially who are still having periods.

  • Sleep apnoea

It is a condition where your throat narrows during sleep and often disturbs your breathe. This will results in bad snoring and lowers the oxygen level in your blood. If you feel difficulty in breathing, you often wake up in the night and feeling tired.

  • Depression

Depression is also a reason to make you feel very sad as well as drained of your full energy. This makes you feel very tired during the day.

  • Anxiety

The uncontrollable feelings of anxiety can highly affect the day to day life. It makes people feel irritable and worried, which cause them a lack of sleeping.

Major causes of sleepiness

Primarily, there are several causes for sleepiness such as working nightshifts against the body’s natural sleep, jet lag and skimping on sleep and so on. If you also have sleep disorders like restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea or narcolepsy, you might feel excessive sleepiness even during the day night.

It is necessary to address the reasons for this problem and try to recover from it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the over sleepiness leads to insomnia that cause serious problems. If you have reached a high level of daytime sleepiness, you must also need to look for other signs and symptoms as well.always sleepy

Maximize the quality of sleep with healthy choices

Do more exercises

By doing routine exercises, you will get cure from your daytime fatigue. It will breeds more energy, so it is necessary to do minimum 40 minutes per day or at least 4 days per week. The exercises will always leave you feeling good about yourself.

Eat a lot of healthy foods

Eating more healthy foods can boost up your energy levels daily and help you to get rid of feeling like always tired and sleepy every day. Make sure to take healthy food items and maintain a good diet.

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