Strategies And Cheats To Get Through Fallout Shelter


Fallout Shelter is a strategy-based simulation game. This game revolves around the theme of creating a dwelling for people of the future when the world above the ground has become unsuitable for livelihood.

In this game, the players get to create an underground world where people of the future can create their livelihoods and start a new life 2000 feet below the ground. With the availability of tons of choices to create suitable dwellings, once can easily get hooked on to this addictive game. You can give your dwellers a good place to stay, clothing and even weapons. You can take them out of their safe environments and into the outside world for new discoveries, too! The dwellers can also be trained for such activities in order to increase their efficiency.


If you found yourself among those many who have fallen in love with this game, then here are a few ways you can improve your gaming experience by incorporating these few fallout shelter cheats and strategies.

For any vault to run successfully, it requires a mix of various kinds of dwellers who will help the vault in various ways.

Build your vaults with a motive

Once you cross a few levels of the game, you will get to know that some of the rooms that you build link and others do not. Those rooms which link will give you bonus points, while those that do not link, will not.
Be sure that before you start building your vault, you have a plan or order that you wish to follow. You can also link 3 rooms together but they are not as beneficial in terms of bonus points as the 2-room links. What you can do in this kind of a situation is keep some space available for more rooms of the same type, next to the rooms which you have just built. This will add more bonuses to your bag.

Happy dwellers work the best

Just like in real life, this game also will ask you to keep everyone happy. As long as your dwellers are happy, they will be productive. So, do everything in your hands to keep their happiness levels intact and to the optimum. The happier the dwellers are, more rewards you will get and that too easily!

Things to do:

  • Store enough resources
  • Place dwellers in the work of their choice
  • Place the dwellers in the rooms they are the happiest in
  • Give the dwellers regular breaks at quarters or lounges.

When new dwellers arrive at your vault, make sure you allot them the rooms that fit them well. Doing so will boost their happiness levels and enable them to work to their best abilities.

When the dwellers arrive, clicking on them you will be shown their attributes. Place them in the rooms that match well with those attributes. This will increase the production and efficiency of every dweller. You can also zoom into each room and check each of the special requirements. Add the dwellers there who posses those special abilities.

It is also possible to drag the dweller from one room to the next to find out where they suit best. Instead of making a mental note of what any new rooms requires, you can check the production levels by trial and error way. The positive or negative sign which will appear followed by every shift will tell you whether the room is suited or not.

Cue: dwellers with ‘Luck’ will be helpful during Rush.

Get goodie items with just one trained dweller

This cheat is a bit tricky. SO, be sure to follow them carefully.

Train any dweller. You have to train him or her well and equip him/her with advanced training weaponries because you will be sending them out to the wasteland soon. Don’t worry about the others, they will not be required.

  1. Keep the dweller in the wasteland for 2 hours time. During this span of time your trained dweller will be receiving loots.
  2. Check the last receipt of their loot. Just a few minutes before that, send out a few of the untrained dwellers without any weaponries. You can send around 3-5 dwellers.
  3. Since these dwellers will only be out for, say, around 10 minutes, you do not have to train them or provide any weapons.
  4. Right after the dwellers have entered the wastelands, shut down your game completely. Make sure that it is not anyhow working in the background.
  5. Wait for 5-1 minutes before re-opening the game.
  6. Check to see it your trained dweller has received any loots, followed by each of your untrained dwellers, who should have received majorly useful loots by this time.
  7. If in any case, you do not have any loot, repeat the process again. It may not work always. So, don’t be disappointed. A few trials should yield you the desired result.

Unlimited Rewards and Lunchboxes

If you have not begun the game yet, then you are at a benefit. This trick requires a new canvas, or vault. When you add rooms to your vault, you will get requests of dwellers who would like to be placed. When you place new dwellers into the rooms, complete the objectives that come after. But stop when the game asks you to give a weapon to one of your dwellers or sell a suit. Go on completing other objectives and missions which will be assigned to you.


The trick here is that as long as you do not complete the “give a weapon to dweller” task, you can complete other missions numerous times or as you wish. This will keep adding points to your basket, along with the bonuses, money and free lunchboxes for unlimited numbers of times!

Fallout Shelter is a free game for all the Android and iOS users on all platforms like smartphones and tablets. But, you can also make $19.99 of purchases inside the game to enhance your experience. The above were a few strategies and tricks to help you get through the difficulties and acquire some extra lunchboxes and money. Hope you found them useful!

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