Shokugeki No Soma Manga – Let The Cooking Battle Begin!

If you are a fan of anime, you might already know. This season, one of the most anticipated second seasons for a high school anime is due to be aired on TV. Yes, the title in discussion is Shokugeki no Soma. While the second season for the anime is highly awaited by fans, the manga is already on the most popular manga lists everywhere. The series is a shounen, that is, it follows the life of the protagonists as they start from the beginning and grow out to be the best in the business. The series also involves comedy, drama and ecchi elements.

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The story is set in the culinary world of Japan, which is depicted as the gateway to being world level chefs. The main character, Souma gets admitted into the most elite culinary school in Japan. There he faces tough competition from other students as they strive to be excellent chefs. The school is shown to be unlike any others. The school boasts of an extremely low graduation rate. Meaning, students face immediate expulsion on bad performance. Cooking face offs is an essential part of the series.

The school rules allow for any students to challenge others via cooking battles, where the victors are considered everything. As usual in shounens, the main character Souma is shown as ignorant towards others. He ends up challenging various other characters, leads into messy situations although always keeps on learning new things. The best part about the series is that Souma doesn’t always win. He often loses to the better chefs.


The series keeps a mysterious feel at all times for its best chefs. Also the activities of the protagonist keeps building curiosity and excitement as he embarks on various tough situations, one after the other. All the other characters are equally intriguing.

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