Seo Company Toronto Ppc Campaign Tips For Better Seo

Let’s define a successful PPC campaign: It happens when the conversions are steadily increasing while the costs to drive those conversions are decreasing. The monetary value of that depends on you. PPC marketers may spend $3 a day and get $500 in sales. You set your own business targets.

It means that your PPC campaign is not an all-year round global online event but is targeted for a specific time frame for a Geo specific location.

Let us now go into the details: click, conversion, cost icon smile – A Complete Guide to Craft a Solid PPC Campaign for Newbies


  1. Click Strategies

  • Your goal: Transform targeted Google searchers into your potential customers.
  • Your best metric: Click through Rate (CTR).
  • Your venue: The Google search engine.
  • Your asset: Customer-knowledge, think like your customers so that you know what they are looking for. If you don’t know your customers, you are wasting your time and money.
  • Your tasks: Create a unique, captivating ad and a list of the best keywords for your PPC goals (not your overall business goals, but the goals of this specific PPC campaign).


Seo Company Toronto suggests that your business goal is to be among the top 10 leading online suppliers of organic seeds in Europe. If you choose keywords like organic seeds Europe, you are wasting money: you need to outbid your competitors, and your ad will appear to searchers with different agenda other than buying organic seeds online.

We strongly advise that you don’t do keyword analysis and management manually. Chances are you need time to perfect the skill, and time is a cost-factor. So, use the existing tools. Google offers practical tips in making a list of keywords. Solid PPC campaign for newcomers is A Complete Guide to Craft a Solid PPC Campaign for Newbies.

  1. Conversion Strategies

Your goal is to convert your targeted Google searchers from potential to actual customers.  Again, you should have your own definition of what “customer” means. For some, it means someone who buys a product. For others, someone who registers to your mailing list is a customer.

  • Your best metrics: Conversion Rate
  • Your venue: Your landing page: a website, a video, a blog, or a customer service representative: the environment that receives a searcher after clicking.
  • Your task: Design a landing page specific for the PPC campaign. There should be a new page for example about the Spring Sale of Organic Corn for Germany.
  • Best tool: Quality Score. It helps you measure the overall user experience: keyword, ad, and landing page.
  1. Cost Strategy


Stay within your PPC budget. It is your marketing investment – the amount you bid for the keywords you chose. You can sense right away if your PPC is working, and if it is not, you can make necessary adjustments. Create a budget that is within your PPC campaign goals and your business goals.

And finally, let us be realistic. If you are a PPC newcomer/newbie and you don’t feel confident about managing the factors of click, conversion and cost, hire people who provide competent SEO services. This eliminates the cost of the learning curve until you are confident enough to manage your own campaigns.


Solid PPC Campaign for Newbies can benefit from these best practices in launching and managing their PPC campaigns using the strategic merger of search engine optimization and guerrilla marketing.

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