How To Select The Most Suitable Corner Showers?

Corner showers are very popular because not only do they come in stylish forms, but they save you a lot of bathroom space. A large number of household, whether compact or spacious, has a corner shower in their home. Here are a few tips to selecting the best corner shower for your home:

Shape: If you are looking to buy a shower to save the space, then go for a triangular shaped shower. This shower will have 3 equal sides, with one side acting as the door too.
If you want a little space on the inside, then go for a pie-shaped shower. It will have 2 sides and one curve, just like a pie.

You can even look for a square or rectangular-shaped shower. While these fall under the affordable ranges, a diamond-shaped floor base will cost you the most. These types of showers have 2 walls, and the rest three are of glass.

Installing: This is how you want your shower to be. You can either get it custom-made, depending on your choice of everything- shape, tiles, shower head, and other things. Or you can get yourself a ready made stall and simply install it in your bathroom! The varieties of corner showers are endless- fiberglass doors, glass doors, imported tiles or the classic ones- anything can be ordered.


While the custom-made showers will make you loosen your pockets a bit, ready made ones come at very affordable rates. Now, it is for you to decide!

Doors: You may get to decide the kind of door you would like to get for your shower. While the new in trend fiberglass doors are a favorite of many, other kinds of doors also can be opted for. These glass doors come in two ways- one, which is attached by the hinges, without any borders; and the other which come with metal borders.
For a little privacy, curtains can be installed too.

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