Pokemon GO: The Real Gaming Experience

Released recently on 6th of July, 2016, Pokemon Go has already become one of the most used smart phone applications throughout the globe. There are several pokemon go tips and tricks which the users can learn to make the game more interesting and collect maximum number of Pokemons. It is a free to play game app developed currently for Android and iOS users. It is a reality based game which uses the GPS and Camera of the device of the user to trace the actual location of the player and makes the characters known as “Pokemons” to appear on the camera screen as if in real life. Thereafter, the player can capture the characters and train them to battle them against other users’ Pokemons.pok-mon-go Step by Step Guide:

First of all, after installing the application on their devices, users have to create their own unique account, thereafter, they can create their own avatar in which they can alter the skin color, eyes, hair and so forth. After the avatar has been created, the current location of the gamer along with a map of his current surroundings would be displayed of their device screen with the help of the camera. PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms would already be located on the available map. Eggs, PokeBalls and several other objects are made available at the PokeStop whereas Pokemon Gyms serve as battle arenas for team matches.tnw-pokemon-go-featured-796x398

The avatar moves in the map as the user travels the real world. Several types of species of Pokemon are made available at different locations. For example, Water-type Pokemons are usually found near an actual water body, also the user may view an augmented reality(AR) mode or a live generic background when the player spots a Pokemon with the help of the camera and the gyroscope to provide a real life view. The players can also take the screenshots of the Pokemons they come across with either the AR mode activated or deactivated.

When the player comes across a Pokemon, he can throw a PokeBall towards him from the bottom of the display screen to capture him. Several factors such as the type of PokeBall, right force and time are responsible for actually capturing the Pokemon. If the player successfully catches the Pokemon, The specified character comes under his ownership. Capture of each wild Pokemon can earn the players candies and stardust. Candies are helpful in the Evolution process of the Pokemon. The players have to ultimately complete the entries in the Pokedex by capturing and evolving the Pokemons to obtain a total of 151 Pokemons.

The game has even been appreciated by several medical experts for positive effects on the physical and mental states of the users. It is the fastest growing apps ever launched and it has already topped the iOS App Store. You can experience a great sense of excitement and fun while playing the game. Another version of the game, Pokemon GO Plus is also already all set to be launched in the market soon.

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