Pokemon Go: Player’s Personalities

Given that Pokemon Go is such a large phenomenon, there are a lot of other things which come with its fame, apart from the game being made popular as well. People from all walks of life get to play this game, and having said that, different personalities are also involved as well. The most common players are those who gain interest and lose it the further they go, some remain die-hard players for a long time, while some buy pokemon go account as a means of becoming successful quick. The following are the in-depth details on these common kind of players:

The Curious Players

A huge part of the 500+ million people who downloaded the Pokemon Go app are the curious players. They are the ones who are fond of venturing out and tapping into things that are new. They get to hear about the game from other people, and then download it together with their squad. For a while, let’s say in two or three months they become hooked with the game. Normally, your level would increase easily in the first few rounds, and duels would be easy to win. As they get to play the game however, they usually find themselves stuck on a particular level, get tired of trying to get past the level, and then decide to abandon Pokemon Go and move on with other games.


The “Die-Hard” Fans

These die-hard fans continue where a lot of other people decide to quit. These are the ones who stay up all night and if possible, get to play the game whenever and wherever they could. These are players who actually invest in accessories just so that their gaming experience would be a greater one, even if this would mean shelling out a lot of cash, just to buy gaming accessories, such as extra battery packs, or even a brand new phone, if they deem their current one unfit for a great gaming experience. These are the ones are willing to take gaming to the extremes, and are the ones who reach high trainer’s levels for Pokemon Go

The Cheaters


These cheaters could either be someone who’s curious, or someone who is a die-hard fan of the entire game. They are the ones who are obsessed with different aspects of the game, are able to give out advice which was obtained from other people who are into the game. The only disadvantage of these people, however, is that they simply don’t have the willingness to spend long hours playing. One of the things they opt to do is to shell out money as a shortcut to success. Given that there are quite a lot of people playing the game already, some die-hard fans who have reached high levels may be satisfied with their progress and end up putting their accounts for sale. These cheaters take advantage of this and pay to get their account, no matter how high the cost, with some accounts getting sold for up to $4000.

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