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Playing games, who doesn’t like playing games from kids to teenagers and adults at times everybody loves to play games no matter it’s physical or virtual in fact people having a busy schedule may find their little something in virtual games, some play because gaming is their passion and some just to loosen up little bit or get refreshed. Playing games is one the favorite past-times of people, even for those who don’t want to end up playing in garden because they  always have one more universe where they don’t require to do any efforts and they have unlimited fun, excitement, thrill and everything that is required to pump enough adrenaline in them to continue and play it over and over again if they don’t succeed at first.

Online gaming offers games in vast genres like Arcade, Puzzles, Action, Adventure, Quests, Racing, Strategy-making, Shooting, 3D games  etc.

Shooting games is also a category of games in the above mentioned online world of games. Even in this category there are other sub categories like first person shooting or a group / team game like Counter Strike 1.6 or Counter Strike Global Offensive. If you are playing a first person shooting game you will be required to accomplish several missions each getting tougher with the increase in level, this is a general plot and objective you do in that sought of game, one of the best first person shooting games are IGI etc.


In the multiplayer or server based or team based shooting game you can play against or your own friends in teams also this type of gaming is done preferably on LAN or internet by which all players are connected to each other, this category includes games like Counter Strike 1.6 or Counter Strike Global Offensive etc.

Let’s tell you about the most popular and most played online shooting games :-

1.)  Counter Strike: Global Offensive

this game  is developed a paradoxical multi platform sequel: it was designed and developed in such a way so as to bring all console gamers into the influencive fold of this legendary first person shooting series that existed on our on PC for nearly as long as half a decade till then, but unfortunately was not able to make much impact on the Xbox and PlayStation. Later versions also it didn’t changed much, and well if you ask me it didn’t needed to – underneath the graphics reflecting more and more realistic locations, guns and equipment, it is still very much the same old team-based, Counter-Terrorists versus Terrorists traditional Counter Strike shooting game that depends much on quick thinking and quicker reflexes.

2.) Team Fortress 2

Having a beautiful rendered graphics as well as a balanced class system, the fully loaded Team Fortress 2 still looks quite convincing to casual as well as real time gamers or pros., maintaining something that is still one of the largest player bases online on the Steam marketplace for more than seven years after its launch in market. The game is a perfect mix of fast-paced combat and intense strategy-making in which each of the game’s nine divisions exhibiting it’s own powers,  strengths.Moreover, it’s quite easy for new players to pick up the game and have lots and lots of fun…

3.) Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order looks like it has to be a sure-shot failure, an example of too many strange things combining into an unappealing mess. It’s somewhat similar to stealth shooter and old-school run-n-gun games, moving its fight against World War 2 – era Nazis.


Points to note: Levels are open-ended, provided multiple pathways to the objectives to be achieved for clearing the level, leaving and encouraging young gamers to think of and find numerous new strategies for one objective. Moving swiftly through hidden duct-system and shooting enemy soldiers without being noticed from the shadows with a silenced pistol. Blasting Nazis with an astonishing range of interesting weapons provides its most immediate thrills.

4.)  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, this is the game that re-defined the way of looking at modern FPS games. The game has one very memorable and appealing single player campaign run amongst all the shooting games of the time, variety of genre – changing to multiplayer, and feature like a awesome co-op mode, each making sure that the gamer is left asking for more!!!

Although most of these games can played without any error but some games happen to be blocked at some sites well no worries sites below may have them as unblocked games.

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