PHILOSOPHY –love for wisdom

PHILOSOPHY is a study dealing with the root topics of the human existence like truth, حكمة, knowledge, soul and mind etc. Topics falling in the category are vast but the very objective is same and that is to know in depth and detail about all these critical and fundamental parameters. Philosophy is very helpful to understand and control the behavior not only of humans but of nature or of anything existing around. In broader sense philosophy is the knowledge one acquires to answer the up-heading questions which can be both basic and critical.Literature_Reviews

The literal meaning of philosophy is ‘love for knowledge’ and thus it touches all the aspects including science, mathematics, environment, culture and what not. Philosophy in true sense is the knowledge of existence of everything. It is a rich outcome of the combat between the curiosity of human mind and the nature. Philosophy clears out the clouds behind which hide the answers of the most genuine questions. It is an approach, attained by the intellects to provide a substance to the life for what life is without the knowledge. Thus, philosophy can be considered as the wheels of the chariot called ‘life’.Literature-and-Creative-Writing-Video-banner

Philosophy in actual is the soul of life. It unfolds many mysteries and provides a path towards enlightenment. Though philosophies are always followed by the valid logics but there is no philosophy which is absolute. Every philosophy can be challenged and can be modified as per the beliefs. Philosophies are the arguments and hence they need not to be correct all the time. They are often criticized and at times are proved wrong as well. A philosophy is guided by the individuals belief; it is a thought, it is an idea and it is open for everyone and anyone to follow. Different people have different culture and every culture has its own philosophy. Therefore, different philosophies guide the lives of individualsfollowing different cultures. These cultural philosophies are different on the basis of the religions and rituals but are united on the fact that they all teach man to follow the road of wisdom. True essence of philosophy is wisdom only.

There are some people whose beliefs and logics are widely accepted by the masses. These people have their unique philosophies which are influential. There philosophies become a source of inspiration for the others leading these people to become great philosophers. The philosophers are remembered for the centuries for their remarkable work. The world has witnessed some great philosophers whose theories have changed the very belief of the human life. Some of these great philosophers are remembered for their extraordinary contributions in the field of science and technology. The advance life which we are leading today is the gift from some celebrated philosophers who have devoted their lives finding the evidences to support their theories. Every invention which has transformed our lives today is based on some outstanding philosophy. The medical science which today has achieved levels of creating miracles, too is the work of the people who believed in setting new philosophies. These philosophers have dedicated their lives in order to solve the very mystery of life. Art and literature have witnessed few philosophers whose philosophies have taken the world by storm at that time. Some philosophers are even punished for thinking beyond their times, perfect example of this is of Galileo. Galileo, whose theories have found a special place in the field of science and has given a base to many advanced technologies, was sentenced to death by the authorities in that era for proposing theories different from the commonly practiced ones. This shows the level of sacrifices philosophers made in order to put forth the truth.

Philosophies sometimes are also seen as the threat to mankind. There are endless examples in the history where a malicious philosophy has endangered a thousands of innocent human lives. Philosophy is a way to look at the life. It can be good and bad depending upon the ripples it creates after hitting the multitude. Philosophy enriches the life by providing the perception to look at life differently. It opens the mind allowing one to see clearly through the things. Philosophy thus is the way of living life in the light of knowledge and wisdom.

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