Paradise Like Resting place Where Memories Get New Life

As identified worldwide nirvana memorial is the Singapore’s Premium State-of-the-Art Buddhist Columbarium, which is admired and adored all across the universe for its immaculate beauty and serenity. Singapore is one beautiful and modern city and in this city lies one enchanting landscape of serenity and tranquility. This peaceful landscape is filled with verdant vegetation. Nirvana memorial garden is at 950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, this place is one tranquil ground for cinerary urns, equipped with all sorts of modern facilities and luxuries. Throughout the year, light breeze surrounds the outdoor and melodious chanting reverberate the indoor without fail.  The ambiance within causes momentary lapse from the mundane hustle and bustle, wretchedness and chaos. This place is first ever personalized, full air conditioned, 6 star iconic Columbarium in Singapore. Here one will discover traces of contemporary architecture blending well with traditional auspicious streaks of Buddhism, Confucianism  and Taoism culture, also one may trace elements of Fengshui. Here one will be able to reap pleasures of complete peace, freeing oneself from karmic debts.What-is-Nirvana-Nibbāna-Buddhism-classes

Remarkable cultural blending

However one will come across wonderful impact of traditional Chinese culture in everything. Although the Columbarium is meant to keep the leftovers and memories of deceased ones, but the place never makes one feel any kind of alienation rather the place endeavors in harmonizing the living with the dead through the perceptions like love and adoration. Nirvana today boasts of its quality standard, modern elegance, high construction and consistent maintenance. Unlike ordinary resting houses which are most of the time dreary and lifeless, nirvana memorial is warm and a comfortable place for all family members who miss their departed one and want to relive the memories in one of the pleasant possible manners.Who-Am-I

Interior of nirvana memorial

One will come cross specially designed cafeteria where families can exchange their thought. Here one will be getting praying hall also ancestor’s worship area. Providing variety of services such as areas for placing ancestral pedestal one or two to a whole range of family niches where more than 24 urns can be kept, nirvana memorial paves way for you to show your gratitude towards your deceased members. Right before placing the deceased at the Hall of Peace nirvana memorial makes sure that, deepest condolence is conveyed blending with a prayer so that he or she may rest in peace, getting reconciled with Buddha in heaven. There are number of suites like Family suite, Memorial Suite, Royal Suite and different other suites. Whether its in shiny golden or holy white or other sober material, the ambiance within is welcoming and pristinely bright. In the evening monks chant prayers so that the deceased souls may get peace

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