Nec Ip Telephony: The Best Solution For Business Communication

Communication is very important in the lives of many people, especially when it comes to business matters. Any business can never thrive without proper communication. Of course, communication can never be possible without the right kind of communication tool just like the NEC IP Telephony. NEC is actually a world renowned company that is making different kinds of phones and even apps that can be used for personal and business matters. Some of the kinds of phones made by NEC that can be used for NEC IP Telephony are written below:

Desktop Phones

As its name suggests, desktop phones are kinds of phones that are placed on the table or desk. These phones are very important in any business establishment out there. Through these phones, the business owners and the possible clients can be able to talk to each other and talk about business. The desktop phones from NEC are sure to be very functional and made with excellent quality. Thus, there is no way you will be wasting your money in investing on these kinds of phones. Some good examples of desktop phones from NEC are the UT880, DT800 Series, DT400 Series, DT700 Series, DT300 Series, and the DT770G. All of these desktop phones are sure to be very helpful for your business.


In-Building Wireless – Wireless LAN

In a certain company, there are always those personnel that are assigned on the field. Meaning to say, they usually away from the business office. In this case, they cannot use the desktop phones that are placed in the office, right? Even so, there is no need to worry since there are in-building wireless – wireless LAN phones that they can use made by NEC. On-site mobile professional will definitely become more productive through the aid of these phones. One good example of these is the Spectralink 84-Series Handsets.


In-Building Wireless – DECT Phones

This is another kind of phone that can be used by those business personnel who are usually not staying in the office. This is one effective phone that can help in making the NEC IP Telephonyhighly possible. There are already a lot of businessmen who have tried the efficiency of In-Building Wireless – DECT Phones when it comes to communication, so there is no need for you to worry if you invest on these phones. One thing is for sure, business communication can be done excellently through these phones. Some great examples are the Digital DECT, SMB Wireless (ML440) IP DECT, G266 IP DECT, and the G566 DECT.



SoftPhones are other kinds of phones that can be perfectly used with NEC IP Telephony. The best thing about these phones is the fact that they are very light to carry unlike the desktop phones. Hence, it would also be perfect if you are usually away from the business office. The business communication can still be successfully done through SoftPhones, and that is a guarantee. Some good examples of SoftPhones are the Multiline Client Mobile, UNIVERGE SP350, UNIVERGE SP30, and the USB Handset (UTR-1W-1).

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