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For a person to live happily, they require some time to spend with their friends and family. For a fun time together, they can plan on taking a trip outside city and visit places like museums or amusement parks or go to the movies. But, what if they would want to spend time together and watch the latest movies at their home for free of cost? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to watch all the latest movies and TV shows sitting on our couch at any time we want? There are many applications that make this possible but there is only a handful which is true and genuine at what they offer. There are people who cannot afford to go to cinemas and enjoy a good movie but this does not mean that they have to wait till it is available for download or wait until it is telecasted on TV. One must just require an Android device to watch latest streaming movies and TV shows.


MovieTube is one of the best applications developed for Android devices in which there are all the latest movies and TV shows that can be watched online or even downloaded directly. Apart from these latest movies and TV shows this application has also offered the users to watch the latest movie trailers and details about the movie. The latest version of this application is MovieTube 4.4 which is highly developed and made very user-friendly to operate. Earlier the app caused some severe errors of crashing in between and giving errors about the app not working on your device but with this latest version all those bugs has been rectified and is by far one of the best app  developed for Android users. This latest version also allows users to watch the latest movies and TV shows in high-definition (HD) quality without buffering. There are many features provided by MovieTube 4.4 which are states below.

  1. The movies are available in High-Definition quality and are also free to download.
  2. MovieTube is a platform for watching latest movies and TV shows of various languages.
  3. There is no requirement of any registration to access to the app.
  4. MovieTube 4.4 offers the latest movies and TV shows in over 15 languages, English, German, Tamil, Hindi, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Filipino, Korean, Cantonese and Malay.
  5. All the movies of all the languages are available in HD quality.
  6. All the users of MovieTube 4.4 are allowed to share the movies with their friends on various social networking websites.
  7. Users can choose their choice of video quality based on the compatibility of their device.
  8. Besides the movies and latest shows MovieTube offers access to streaming music videos, animated series, Cartoons and much more.

These are some of the key features offered by MovieTube 4.4. There is one special feature that is not available on other applications so far. MovieTube allows users to give their reviews and comment and also rate the movies and shows they have watched. This feature allows the users to share their view about the movies and shows and provides a better clarity for people who are planning on watching the video. The user interface on this app is pretty amazing as it allows the users to access the latest movies easily. The movies and TV shows are categorized into different genres and users can choose the genre of their choice and watch their favourite movie. The MovieTube 4.4 is always updated with the latest releases and is still developing to provide the users entertainment with much more ease.

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There are some problems with the sooner versions of MovieTubeand those issues have been resolved and more improvements are introduced in the latest version of the app. It is always suggested to look for genuine websites that allow downloading the latest version of MovieTube. Just like apps like ShowBox, this app is also not available in play store and must be downloaded from the browser directly. The links are genuine and this will not create any harm to your smart device. Users can also download the latest movies at free of cost and share it with their friends and social networking websites. MovieTube app does not require any lengthy procedure for downloading it. One can just download from the browser and once it is downloaded install it on your device and run the app to gain access to the unlimited movies and shows offered by the app. Since you are downloading this app from an external source and not play store, you will have to allow your device to access downloads from unknown sources. This will cause no harm to your device and it is very safe to download the app. There are chances where you do not know about the movie and require information about it. MovieTube app provides information about the latest movies and also TV shows which become easier for the user to decide whether to watch the movie or look for another one. You will be accessed to the complete information of the movie once you tap on its icon. Some of them are looking for a movie that they are waiting to watch; they can directly click on the search bar and type the name of the show or movie they would like to watch. There is a separate folder where you can place all your favourite movies and shows which you would love to watch again.


The app also faced an issue in the earlier version that some of the videos are not playing in full-screen mode. MovieTube 4.4 has fixed this error and allowed HD quality video for movies, TV shows, music, and cartoons. MovieTube app does not require any registration or payment to watch the videos, but the app requires strong internet connection preferably 3G or 4g to avoid any disturbance and attain full enjoyment. It also gives us knowledge about technology films, history, documentaries, science relates and much more. There may be many applications that are available at free of cost and have the similar features but MovieTube 4.4 is one of the best among all and will never disappoint its users by constantly developing to be better.

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