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From the mouth-watering feast of egg noodles wok fried in black hoisin sauce and chilly-the Hokkienmee, to the simple sambal and rice recipe of NasiLemak, to the smoky barbecued satay, to the scintillating spiced up seafood dishes- Fish Head Curry and Chili Crab, to the slurping noodle and all-things-good broth of Laksa, you cannot help but drool.A gastronomic cuisine that is much more vibrant than the city itself, Singapore food will leave you awe-struck with the plethora of delicacies that it has to serve.

It is no exaggeration to say that the food will take you to Heaven, only by the smell of it. The Singaporean food is assumed to be a borrowed-up version of the Malay, Chinese and Indian food culture but that’s just not it. The cuisine also reflects the influence of Islam and the colonial impact of European taste buds. And to know it, one must taste it. The resemblance is only limited to the name while the flavor is authentic to Singapore. A phrase common in the food blog Singapore.


The best place to munch on is the hawker stalls. Convenient, wide range of options and affordability makes the hawker centers of Singapore one of the best street food destination in the world. They are so popular that some places require pre-booking to dine. Old Airport Road Food Centre in Geylang, Golden Mile Food Center in Beach Road, Maxwell Road Food Centre in Chinatown, Lau Pa Sat and Newton Food Center are some of the well-known hawker centers. From snacks, breakfast dishes, lunch and dinner, one can find everything, all you have to do is just ask for it.


Those with sweet teeth rather than the singular ‘tooth’ need not be disappointed as Singapore offers a much healthier delight with its wide variety of tropical fruits eaten as desserts along with sweetened milk and shaved ice. A must have is the Durian fruit, the best that could be found nowhere else.

For the food-lovers, Singapore is a paradise and eating here is a must to do thing before you die.

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