Lifestyle and Hormone Changes For Losing Man Boobs

When you want to trim down on the masculine in order to achieve a chest without man boobs, you need to check on your lifestyle. During puberty, your hormones will determine whether you will become a man or a woman. If you have more testosterone, it will make you more manly with body hair,deep voice, and more muscles. If you have more estrogen hormones, it will definitely transform you into a woman with tantrums, and breast development. Visit  to learn more about hormones and lifestyle and how they impact on your man

How To Get Blood Test For Man Boobs

Before you try to get rid of the man boobs, it is important that you know its cause. It is good you see your doctor first to know what is the underlying problem that has triggered the female hormones, estrogen. It could be an estrogen tumor, chronic liver disease,gynecomastia or even hyperthyroidism. Gynecomastia is caused by the life-threatening conditions and that is why, before you decide to workout to finish the man boobs, it is safe to visit a doctor. But if you don’t want to see a doctor, then make sure that you do a blood test to check out if everything is ok.  It is very hard to know if you have an underlying disease to your man boobs unless you do a blood test. Once it is checked and you find out that there is no underlying problem, then check out your lifestyle so that you work on eliminating the man boobs

Blood tests for Man Boobs

When testing blood to check out the man boobs and if there is any underlying problem, you will check out the following:

  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) with a low TSH denoting that you have hyperthyroidism, which is the major cause of gynecomastia due to decrease of testosterone and increase in estrogen, thus affecting the normal ration
  • Hepatic Liver Function Test. The liver is in charge of breaking down the sex hormone and when it is not functioning well, it will cause an accumulation of male hormones in the body which will in turn results in more estrogen in circulation.
  • Renal/kidney Function test helps to detect if the kidney is functioning well. If there is a problem with the kidney, it will lead to gynecomastia as there will be a decrease in testosterone levels and increase in estrogen.
  • The amount of the Accumulative Testosterone in total and those which are free. This blood test will help to detect if that is what is causing the man boobs. The presence of less testosterone shows that it is the direct cause of the man boobs. Causes of low testosterone are many which include: obesity, medication, insomnia and stress
  • When you test this female hormone in the blood of a male and find that it is high, then it is the cause the man boobs. A man can get this due to having estrogen secreting tumors or from external estrogen exposure like from BPA in plastics.

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