Learn Everything About JadeScape Condo From This Expert

A condominium which is popularly known as the condo is a type of ownership where a person owns everything which is present inside the walls of the building. JadeScape is the name of a modern building facility which is built on the Shunfu Road, Singapore. This property has a total of 1206 units of condos each having one to five bedrooms and some even have a penthouse. The article will describe you with several important aspects of the JadeScape condo.

About JadeScape condo:

They are a type of property which is centrally designed and is surrounded by lush green bushes and trees. The property is just a walking distance from the MRT railway station. These greeneries help the walkers to breathe a natural breeze. This property is also good for those who travel by buses as they can easily catch several busses from Shunfu road and Marymount road. If a person is thinking of buying a property in the JadeScape then they can rest assured of the quality education their children would be getting as there are several schools adjacent to the facility. JadeScpace is providing several full-fledged condo facilities like a third generation gym, a clubhouse, tennis courts, and also a swimming pool.

Some Facts About The JadeScape Condo:

  • The type of ownership over this property is of a condominium.
  • The area of the property is around forty thousand square meter.
  • The property has 1206 units and also has 6 shops.
  • The property is located on Shunfu Road, Singapore.
  • It is surrounded by lush green bushes and trees giving the property a natural effect.
  • The property has a swimming pool, a gym, a tennis court and also a clubhouse.

The JadeScape condo property is a very good territory to stay as it is very close to many amenities and essential areas of the city. The article has explained different important aspects for the property which is essential to know.