Lady Obama

FB-BANNERShe was born in Illinois Chicago in the year 1974. She schooled there before joining the Harvard school of law. Her first University was Princeton University where she graduated in 1983. Her Brother was the one who inspired her to join that university. Mitchell has worn so many awards in the learning institutions because of her academic excellence. She is one of the best students in Harvard school of law for breaking records. As a lawyer, her career has made her famous because of the numerous victories she has made for her clients.

She is a mother two daughters Malia and Natasha. She is a very responsible mother and a wife to Barack Obama. Her braveness is evidenced in most of her public speeches that she makes when given the opportunity to address the crowd. She is a multitalented woman who possess a PHD in law and she is one of the very unstoppable lawyers in the US. Her role as mother is excellent as it could be seen from how the daughters are disciplined at all time. Mitchell never fails to express her family love to the public by always mentioning their names whenever she is given the chance to speak.

She is also a writer and her works have been appreciated by many. Being a lawyer, she has explored all the life issues and put them in a writing where people can read always. She is a mentor, a role model and an example to many people.