Immigration Tips for Students – How Do You Get A Permanent Residence in Toronto After Graduation

Canada is one of the students’ top picks when it comes to settling down. The education system is of the best and is renowned globally. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or the IRCC, 9,415 graduates in 2017 were granted permanent residency after successfully obtaining their degrees.

There are certain rules and qualifications when you apply for a permanent residency. It also depends on where you want to settle down. In this case, this article is going to talk about how to apply for a permanent residency in Toronto.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Canada uses an Express Entry system for students who would like to live in their country. Under this category is the Canadian Experience Class which you will likely belong. This is an immigration stream that has the following minimum requirements:

  1. Language Ability

Students that are applying must be able to meet the required levels of language such as writing, listening, speaking and reading.

  1. Work Experience

There should be at least 1 year of work experience (skilled) in Canada. It should also fall in the last 3 years prior to your application.

The Canadian NOC or National Occupational Classification has also clarified what work experience that is skilled is:

  • Managerial Jobs – with a skill level 0
  • Professional Jobs – with a skill level type A
  • Technical Jobs – and trades with a skill level type B

Please do note that work experience done while you were a student does not count.

These are just the minimum requirements for permanent residency for graduate students. It would also help if you were to visit your nearest immigration lawyer Toronto branch. Be sure to check them out first whether they are legit. Having proper legal counsel could really help you with your application and other requirements.

For a more comprehensive guide, you may visit the Canadian website here.

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