Get To Know About The Exciting And Exploratory Game In The World Of Video Game Series!!

The amazing world of video games is all about fun, amusement and entertainment. An open world, incredible action adventure series of video games that has been brought into the picture by Rockstar Games on a wider platform, is none other the remarkable Grand theft Auto. The enticing series of these games have been primarily developed by British video game developer namely Rockstar north which was formerly known as DMA Design.

Currently, there are an appreciable sixteen games in the adventure series and the contributing factors to the fun and excitement are the expansion packs that are basically for the original and also the well known two expansions for the GTA IV and inclusive of a wonderful multiplayer title. The reference for the term which had been used for the series is basically with regards to the one used in the motor vehicle theft in the country of US. Modeled on the exquisite locales of some of the beautiful American cities inclusive of San Andreas, Liberty City, Vice City, most action games of the series bring about great incorporation of fiction and action at the place.


Encompassing the locales of three fictional cities, the first game of the series was quite a hit among the audience and the hot Coffee mod which was said to be unofficial also managed to gather a lot of noteworthy press attention towards itself. The following uproar in the media brought about a great deal of heed to the developers that are Rockstar Games.

Compatibility of the action adventure game on various platforms of technology!

Various platforms are compatible with the action series of the video game and it has been successfully released on PC, PSX, PS2, PS3,PS4, GBC,DC, DS, GBA, Android and iPhone but interestingly two of the other games released on several platforms, grand theft auto download is free of cost and available on all the platforms. Grand Theft auto as a fun filled adventure game proudly holds an appreciable 10 gaming records on a worldwide note, all-encompassing the Most Guest Stars in a phenomenal Video Game Series, Leading Voice Cast in a specific Video Game, which went to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Popular In-Game Soundtrack and not to skip the Most Successful and Entertaining Launch of an all times high which is being carried by Grand Theft Auto V.


Overview of Grand Theft Auto

Now, we would like to acquaint you with the overview of the game that is as follows

The game provisions a platform to the player where he is given the chance to portray the role of a criminal, basically a person who rises from the norms of an organized crime throughout the pathway of the game. Numerous missions are set by the specific figureheads of the fictional city which must be on the course of completion to progress with the incredible storyline of the game. The most common crime feature is assassination apart from some other alternative features, such as street racing, fire fighting, driving, pimping and a lot more to tickle your nerves as an enthusiastic player. Using multiple modes of weapons and transport, the player is given the liberty to play the game as per his will and interest.

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