Facts About Chanel Handbags

Chanel bags undoubtedly are the most attractive and important accessories as far as fashion and trend are considered. It is one of the most renowned fashion houses which offer luxury goods including bags, ready – to – wear clothes and fashion accessories. There are a lot of differences, confusions and misunderstanding about the details of these bags. A lot has been said about the origin, material used and the details of these bags. So, read the following article and get the facts about the Chanel bags at one place. smartways-blue-shoulder-bag-sdl928226593-1-15014

Chanel is a privately handled company which is owned by Alain and Gerard. They are the grandchildren of Pierre Wertheimer who was a business partner of the couturiere Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. It specializes in haute couture and accessories as well. In the earlier days, this fashion house generally fulfilled the requirements of elegant and sophisticated dresses and jewellery that women desired. These materials replaced the over – designed and gaudy clothes which were popular at that time. Now days, the popularity of the brand Chanel can be estimated from the fact that most of the actresses and models use it and also feature it. However, the most popular accessory that Chanel offers is its handbags. Yes. It offers the best size, material and style of handbags that no other brand offers.91kxfcmk0wl-_ul1500_

The most reputed magazine of the fashion world, Harper Bazaar, in the 1900s reported that Chanel handbags were on the top of the shopping list of most of the buyers. Its 2.55, flap bags, boy bags etc are still markers of style statement of eminent personalities. One interesting fact about The 2.55 bag is the original Chanel shoulder bag, but in 1955, Coco Chanel changed the norm by making a shoulder bag. Another interesting thing is that the signature double CC lock in Chanel handbags weren’t there until the 1980’s. Also, the leather woven strap made its debut later and The Chanel flap bags were inspired by men’s fashion.

There are various legends connected to the origin of these handbags and Coco Chanel’s personal life. For instance, it is being said that she was inspired a great deal by men’s fashion and hence the boy bag, flap line bags were being invented. However, there are certain specific label and references which must be kept in mind before making such an expensive purchase. You may get duped by some sellers for their profit. Beware, shop smart and stay classy.

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