Dailies That Your Will Enjoy At Neopets

Neopets Dailies is a virtual place where users can create an account to feed and take care of neopets. These neopets should be fed whenever they are hungry and they should be treated with care when they are ill. There are no other objectives to this game, but users are allowed to battle against each other in battledom to test the strength of their neopets. The biggest advantage is that these neopets will not die during the battle. The concept of neopets was conceived by Adam Powell and Donna Williams in the year 1997 and later on in 1999, their idea materialised into neopets.com.

Some Common Dailies

The term daily is used to refer to the place on Neopets where users will be able to obtain freebies and use chance events once a day. Here are some of the most common dailies that will come in handy to make the life of your neopets have a luxurious life in the virtual world.

  • Snowager: The snowages is free and will help you win prizes from snowballs t keychains. They are away during 3 hours (NST) from 2 PM to 3 PM, 6 AM to 7 AM and 10 AM to 11 AM.
  • Fruit Machine: At the Fruit Machine you can win a variety of prizes anywhere between 50 and 15,000 NP. It is also possible to win absolutely nothing or paintbrushes. You can play this game once a day and you do not have to pay any points to play.
  • Tombola: The prizes that you win at the tombola are generally cheap. The only two exceptions are codestones and faeries. It is a free game and you can win gifts randomly.
  • The wheel of excitement: At the wheel, you can win big- upto 10,000 NP. However, the downside is that you will have to pay 150 NP to play the game. The wheel of excitement can be played once every 2 hours.
  • Pick Your Own: In this game, you can collect berries by paying 400 NP. It gives you a time limit within which you can collect as much berries as possible in 20 areas. The advantage of this game is that you can get NeoPets avatar.

Neopet is a game that keeps players occupied for long. This is one of the reasons why it is a big hit and has over a million users.

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