How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner

Everywhere we are, even if we are an OC type of person, dust is always present. And if we clean every single day for how many hours, though we can’t see them with our naked eyes. No matter how big or small our house is, cleaning it to be dust-free may take our time. One way of making our lives easier during cleaning is to have a cleaning machine. Of course, vacuum cleaners are the first items that pop to our mind. However, there are so many choices out there in the market for us to choose the right one. And there are also a lot of options in buying a suitable cleaner we and our home need. It is also beneficial to have a vacuum cleaner present in our homes. And it is much better to compare to our traditional cleaning routines – dusting and sweeping. So, in choosing the right cleaner that fits our needs and preferences, there are options that you need to consider.

The Right Type Of Vacuum Cleaner

In choosing the right cleaner, you must identify and understand its description and features. Though almost every product is similar to one another, there is also one unique feature that stands out among the others. The standard description you can find in every type of cleaners are:

  • Power
  • Size
  • Pushing and Pulling Weight

Also, you must identify what type of a vacuum cleaner like if it is:

  • An upright type of a vacuum cleaner
  • The canister type
  • Handheld type
  • The Robot vacuum cleaner, or
  • The Central vacuum cleaner type

Determining The Right Cost

Buying a cheap vacuum cleaner can’t guarantee the quality you need. Since having the cheaper ones will only prove its endurance for a limited time, especially when frequently used. Choose the right quality of a vacuum cleaner, where its performance can give you ease. And when you say cost, it’s not literally the amount of the product you need. It is the overall capacity of where it will take you. If you are up for some low priced products, expect that it is not the same as the higher priced ones. That’s why there are products that are more costly than the others, because of the materials and the sturdiness it will give to the user.

Have a comparison summary of both products, the cheaper ones will only last up to 2-4 years. Of course, you are frequently using it daily, so it is expected that it will be overly used. And if the time comes from its expiration date, you will have to buy another, the same as your previous vacuum. See, in a matter of let’s say six years, you have already spent two vacuum cleaners. Wherein if you opt for the higher priced or the high end one, its capacity will reach up to even 10 years. See the difference it made?


In choosing the right vacuum cleaner, you must know the needs that you want. And this product – Dyson ciclone v10 vacuum can be the one you might like to have in your household.