How To Choose A Blogger Template

More people are getting involved in online businesses these days. An online business may have various forms and blogging is a very popular one. One may blog on stuff they are good at, or may use the blog for affiliate marketing which is indeed very popular in 2016 and also going to keep up in the upcoming years. However, to begin from the scratch isn’t very easy for a blogger who is non-techie, and to help these people out a lot of web developers create blogger templates for free or a non-huge price tag.

How to Begin?

Choosing a blogger template involves some assessments, mostly to be done by the blogger’s self-intuition and knowledge. Here are some guidelines.


  • Assess the Purpose: Is the blogger going to affiliate-market some product, or the blog is just going to be on random thoughts? Or maybe a niche based website that would publish articles on specific topics and they would have a specific publication frequency. The purpose could vary and before buying a template, do this self-check.
  • Two Column Themes are Nice! For beginner, a two column interface works just fine. It’s simple, yet classic and doesn’t involve much of technical knowledge for regular maintenance. Eventually the blogger might migrate to a different scheme.
  • Content Oriented Design: Visitors are going to visit a website for its contents. The chosen blogger template should have the accurate design policy. If the contents (e.g. text, video, photos etc.) look misfit on a page, that’s not a nice thing.


  • Stay Simple: Cramped webpages are apparently one of the worst things to look at. To grab the attention of more visitors, choose a simple template.
  • Visitor Feedback: Choose a template with a visitor feedback form. This way, the web admin gets to know about their visitors opinions regarding the website.


Choosing a blogger template has many ways of getting the job done, but for the most part it’s all about farsightedness about a specific business.

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