How Can Users Easily Auto Post To Facebook?

In this advanced scenario, there are lots of people who are running their business online. However, they really need a support of people, which is only possible with the social media marketing. Basically, there are different kinds of social media sites on which you can easily promote the different product of your company. People those who use their social account daily they will check out your product and place its order. This is called perfect social media marketing. Some people use the option of auto post to Facebook, due to this they can easily save their time.

Is it possible to do auto post in multiple FB groups?

Yes! This is true that anyone can post the content multiple in different FB groups at once. Here they can check out the points-

  • First of all, you need to add the groups which you want to manage.
  • After that, choose the groups in which you want to send the posts.
  • Now the time is to create the posts which should be the combination of text and other images or links.
  • Lastly, the time is to put the post on the schedule.
  • When you put the schedule, then it will automatically send the post into different groups.

Once you go through this process, then all the group members will check out the shared things which will really help. Instead of this, there are lots of things which we need to understand about the auto post in social networking account so that they can check out the its tips and tricks online.

Moving further, when we perform these kinds of tasks on social networking accounts, then we can easily promote the products or other services online. This thing really boosts the business that you are running online.

Learn Who Checked You Out On Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media platform that people use these days. It’s one of the most convenient ways to share pictures and videos on a regular basis. There are tons of people that use Instagram on a regular basis and while the platform is very safe, there are always intruders who might visit your profile and misuse your pictures or videos. If you want to catch the stalker then the best thing to do is use the IG hack so that you will be able to see who visited your profile.

While there are a number of apps that you can use, this is one of the most effective app mainly because it’s a web based app. This means that you do not need to download any files to your device in order for the app to work. It is safer and more effective in helping you find your stalkers.

These days you can never be sure of who is watching you and what the repercussions of that can be. Children are on social networking sites all the time and the maximum time is spent on instagram. If you are worried about your child and do not want them to be hounded by online perverts then you need to get this app for you. With the help of this app you can monitor your child’s instagram account and look for any suspicious activity. You will be able to see who visits their profile the most and if they are downloading any kind of pictures. Once you catch the culprit, it is important to move forward with caution because if not caught there might be consequences. You need to approach the law and order to make sure that such stalkers are apprehended.

5 SEO Mistakes Which Should Be Avoided

Mistake #1 – Niche

Don’t ever try to find high paying niche! Do people tend to make blogs on those topics for which they can earn more but what happens at last? They lose interest in blogging and just copy and paste content from other blogs, which we all know that search engines do not like copied content and you get nothing from copied content because you don’t get high SERP, therefore, no traffic! Make the blog on a topic which you have knowledge about and also interest. You can earn much more if you follow this tip. SEO service in Singapore can be availed to avoid these seo mistakes in the first place. 151c4351283dd4df58fddb9730f2ea04

Mistake #2 – No Descriptions and Titles on all webpages

This is the mistake I see in many websites while reviewing them. If you use a custom template for you website, do remember to put Description and Title tag in all the webpages. This way you can get more traffic as people while searching on search engines first check out the description of your webpage.

Mistake #3 – Using flash on the websiteSEO-Services

Search engines can’t index flash websites, so its always preferred that you choose a HTML template for your site or if you really want to use Flash templates make sure you provide a HTML version of the same template.

Mistake #4 – Not Linking to relevant websites

People generally don’t link to relevant websites. Its recommended that you have backlinks from the website which have same niche as yours. This can help you increasing your SERP!

Mistake #5 – Building too many backlinks

If you are starting your website make sure you don’t start making backlinks very quickly. This will not improve your SERP but decrease it.

So that’s all for this post, if you have any queries please post them in the comment section below.

4 Starter Tips On Picking A Toronto SEO Writer For Your Business

With the increase in internet usage and stiff market, the need for Search Engine optimization in business cannot be understated. Unfortunately, not many businessmen know how to pick a good SEO writer. If you are one of them this article will give you some starter tips on picking the best Toronto SEO for your Business:Toronto SEO

SEO Writer Qualities for Your Business:

  1. SEO Skills

In the world of websites, content still rules. Therefore a good Toronto SEO should be able to show in his work samples that he / she can provide content that solves customer problems and not only highlights them.; his content should be informative, engaging and seasoned with novelty.

  1. Check on SEO knowledge

Since you are looking for a good Toronto SEO writer, you should at least ensure that he knows and understands what SEO entails. This call for more knowledge in SEO ; it may be difficult to differentiate a good  SEO from a poor one if you don’t have the basic knowledge of keyword search, Whitehat SEO, use of links among other things.  Ask your Toronto SEO writer to provide you with some links of his previous work (articles) and later on check how well his article keywords rank in Google or yahoo.

  1. Availability

SEO is a full time job that requires the constant input to realize its benefit. You would therefore be in a good position if you pick a SEO writer who is available on a day to day basis. The SEO writer should always communicate to you when he/she is not available and provide a way in which he/ She can make up for the lost time.Toronto SEO

  1. Investment vs Returns

Since SEO is a marketing investment, it’s good to sit down and decide how much you are willing to invest in the project and the projected returns. At first it may seem difficult to know if the SEO writer is good for your website, but with time you will figure it out.Don’t be afraid to change SEO writers if you don’t see any improvement in your business.  


There are thousands of quality SEO writers to sample in Toronto, but not every SEO writer is good for your business. When you are searching for a SEO writer ensure that his work matches with your kind of business.

Best Paid Survey Sites In The World

Everyday, thousands of surveys are conducted online to research. Each person who participates in the survey has a different view and opinion about the products and services and that is why the research companies collect the information so that they can analyze and improve their services and products. There are several categories on which research is carried out and each survey site has its different way of rewarding those who participate in the polls. The below are some of the best paid survey sites which you can use to earn extra dollars.paid survey sites

Survey Club

It is one of the most popular best-paid survey sites which are based in North America. It is a club which provides some interesting surveys which include product reviews, buyers’ opinion, food taste tests, general opinions, leisure, mystery shopping, travel, home usage tests, and buyer’s opinion. The survey invitation is normally sent via email and they are normally relevant to avoid unnecessary screenouts. Sometimes their surveys are state based, while others are regional based which makes their surveys more relevant to the person doing the survey.

The difference between the Survey Club and others is that it offers more than just surveys, it offers surveys from other survey companies too. This means this is the place all surveys are done under one roof.

Opinion World

It is a familiar research panel, which can be found on almost all the best paid survey sites. It is an international opinion survey sites and its pay varies depending on the geolocation where the survey is being carried out. It is easy to join as you only need to go to their website, sign up and you start receiving survey invitations which are normally easy relevant and pay per each survey is good. You have an option of redeeming your points via PayPal, or e-commerce gift cards.


It is one of the best research panels in the world which offers surveys which are interesting about smartphones, travel, politics, and business.  YouGov is a place where your views count and through them, you will be able to contribute to the change in the world tomorrow. It has one of the largest user interfaces as compared to other panels which will make your time while taking the surveys, enjoyable. When doing the surveys, once you reach the 5000 points mark, you will be in a position to withdraw them  as they convert to $50, which you can withdraw through western union money transfer.  One survey can take between 2-5 minutes and it automatically earns you 50 – 100 points.paid-surveysWhen signing up for the best paid survey sites, makes sure it is a genuine one. Several sites have sprouted who are conning people of their time by engaging them in surveys which don’t pay at all. Be wise while doing your signing up; make sure the site you are on is a secure site where your personal information is safe. Share the information with other users of survey sites.

How To Choose A Blogger Template

More people are getting involved in online businesses these days. An online business may have various forms and blogging is a very popular one. One may blog on stuff they are good at, or may use the blog for affiliate marketing which is indeed very popular in 2016 and also going to keep up in the upcoming years. However, to begin from the scratch isn’t very easy for a blogger who is non-techie, and to help these people out a lot of web developers create blogger templates for free or a non-huge price tag.

How to Begin?

Choosing a blogger template involves some assessments, mostly to be done by the blogger’s self-intuition and knowledge. Here are some guidelines.


  • Assess the Purpose: Is the blogger going to affiliate-market some product, or the blog is just going to be on random thoughts? Or maybe a niche based website that would publish articles on specific topics and they would have a specific publication frequency. The purpose could vary and before buying a template, do this self-check.
  • Two Column Themes are Nice! For beginner, a two column interface works just fine. It’s simple, yet classic and doesn’t involve much of technical knowledge for regular maintenance. Eventually the blogger might migrate to a different scheme.
  • Content Oriented Design: Visitors are going to visit a website for its contents. The chosen blogger template should have the accurate design policy. If the contents (e.g. text, video, photos etc.) look misfit on a page, that’s not a nice thing.


  • Stay Simple: Cramped webpages are apparently one of the worst things to look at. To grab the attention of more visitors, choose a simple template.
  • Visitor Feedback: Choose a template with a visitor feedback form. This way, the web admin gets to know about their visitors opinions regarding the website.


Choosing a blogger template has many ways of getting the job done, but for the most part it’s all about farsightedness about a specific business.