Buying Guide For Pampers

When you have a small baby, you will have to decide whether you will buy the disposable diapers or clothes diapers. Most people currently prefer the disposable diapers to the clothes ones even though they are expensive. Pampers are currently commanding the market of disposable diapers. If you are out shopping for pampers, check out to see if there is a Pampers aanbieding so that you save some dollars. But before you go for the save, make sure that you choose the best nappy for your little one so that he will be comfortable. They range in size between sizes 0- 6. Make sure you shop by your baby’s weight combined with other best features as listed below.


Pampers has some of the best fasteners in the diaper market, which makes it to fit on the baby’s waist and legs well. They are strong and they don’t get loosened up by even exposures to the creams and baby powders.

Stretch Sides


Make sure that the Pampers, you are buying have stretch sides which come in handy to hold the sides of the legs and waist so that there is no leakage.  They also make the Pampers comfortable.

Wetness Indicator

Make sure that the Pampers offer has Pampers which have a wetness indicator which will alert you when to change the baby.

Ultra-Absorbent Core

The Pampers should have materials in the padding of the crotch which will help in enhancing their absorbency.

Cut Out For Newborns

If you are shopping Pampers for the newborns, make sure they have a cutout or curved front which prevents irritations during the healing of the navel area.



If you can get Pampers with a petroleum based lotion in its liner, then it will be a plus for you. This lotion is very important as it protects the baby’s bottom and lubricates the skin. Avoid scented ones as they might be irritants to the baby’s skin.

Contoured Fit

If it has contoured fit, you are assured that it will fit the baby well. Elastic around the legs and waist helps in preventing any leaks.

Pampers is a brand which has been in the market since the 1950s to date. What this means is, it is a brand which should be trusted.  According to reviews on Amazon, this is one product if you find it on offer, you shouldn’t have a second thought about it.

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