The Biggest Derby There Ever Was

Sports are such a life saver when we just want to chill during the weekends with some food, drinks and friends. Watching your favorite soccer club play during the weekends is a completely different emotion that can’t be replaced in life.  There are many derbies in the soccer world that are awaited for but none are more important than the El Clasico. The fierce rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is just not a fight for the title but it is also a historical fight. While Real Madrid stands for Spanish nationalism, Barcelona stands for Catalan nationalism. 4internetsportsbetting

The games always have a very big build up from about 2 weeks before the game. You can find players and other people associated to each other going at each other to win the war of words before they actually meet at their respective stadiums. During this season the Clasico will be played on December 3rd at Camp Nou and on April 22nd at Santiago Bernabeu. This rivalry has become even fiercer in recent times during the huge worldwide audience that they cater to and it is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. Both the clubs are also on the top two position as the most valuable sporting franchise in the world and they are also the most followed clubs on social media. Real Madrid leads at El Clasico meetings with 93 to 90 wins with that of Barcelona. So you can see how fierce it has become. Check it outhedging-strategy-sports-betting-xl


The two clubs also have some of the best players in the world with Suarez, Neymar and Messi playing for Barcelona and Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid. Messi is the highest ever scorer in the El Clasico’s with 21 goals to his laurels. Barcelona fans will be hoping that Messi will be fit for the Clasico due to his recent problems with his injuries. Real Madrid had to face really bad news when they learned that Bale would be out for till March which means that he won’t be able to play at the match in Camp Nou which is a very big cause of worry as he had been hitting really good form recently. In recent years there has been a lot of spotlight on Messi and Ronaldo as they went against each other not just during the El Clasico’s but also for the Best Player in the World title. Both have been the best players of their generation.

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