A Few of the Best Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are a great investment and there are times when they can be quite a pricey one. Since you are going to spend money on studio monitors then why not spend them of the best ones out there? No, we are not going to feature the most expensive ones in the market, we look more into quality price does not always equate to quality. A lot of the best studio monitors are not necessarily the ones that you can only dream of buying, they are actually quite affordable if not then you need to save up for a month or two. img_29091

Again, we would like to remind you that you should choose a studio monitor that’s would satisfy your needs and requirements, not just one to brag about. This is especially true if it’s your first time investing in studio monitors.

Genelec M040

The Genelec M040 has a 2-way ported design, a 6.5 inch cone in terms of the woofer, a 1 inch metal dome when it comes to the tweeter, it responds to frequencies of 48 Hz – 20 kHz. The price for a pair is about £1,078.

You might have heard of Genelec M040’s slow decline of popularity among the clients. Don’t judge the model too harshly, when it comes to quality and performance this model is top-notch, the only problem people had was with the price. In recent years, there have been various studio monitor models released by various manufacturers which are far less expensive; sure they are more affordable but Genelec M040 still has the upper hand in terms of quality.

Adam A7X231908d1303702237-best-krk-studio-monitors-mixing-imageuploadedbygearslutz

Some of the features that Adam A7X posses are the 2-way ported design, 7 inch carbon or rohacell or glass fibre cone, a X-ART ribbon and it responds to 42 Hz – 50 kHz frequencies. Adam A7X sells for an estimated price of £795.

Adam A7X is actually part of a new series of monitors which handle electronic music spectacularly well. Many consider them as new technology while others see the model as a little too forward for their liking and of course many more like their exceptional stereo imaging. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly more affordable price when compared to others because its qualities can par with studio monitor models priced two or three times more. As we said, the quality is what put this studio monitor on various ‘best’ lists.

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