Best Paid Survey Sites In The World

Everyday, thousands of surveys are conducted online to research. Each person who participates in the survey has a different view and opinion about the products and services and that is why the research companies collect the information so that they can analyze and improve their services and products. There are several categories on which research is carried out and each survey site has its different way of rewarding those who participate in the polls. The below are some of the best paid survey sites which you can use to earn extra dollars.paid survey sites

Survey Club

It is one of the most popular best-paid survey sites which are based in North America. It is a club which provides some interesting surveys which include product reviews, buyers’ opinion, food taste tests, general opinions, leisure, mystery shopping, travel, home usage tests, and buyer’s opinion. The survey invitation is normally sent via email and they are normally relevant to avoid unnecessary screenouts. Sometimes their surveys are state based, while others are regional based which makes their surveys more relevant to the person doing the survey.

The difference between the Survey Club and others is that it offers more than just surveys, it offers surveys from other survey companies too. This means this is the place all surveys are done under one roof.

Opinion World

It is a familiar research panel, which can be found on almost all the best paid survey sites. It is an international opinion survey sites and its pay varies depending on the geolocation where the survey is being carried out. It is easy to join as you only need to go to their website, sign up and you start receiving survey invitations which are normally easy relevant and pay per each survey is good. You have an option of redeeming your points via PayPal, or e-commerce gift cards.


It is one of the best research panels in the world which offers surveys which are interesting about smartphones, travel, politics, and business.  YouGov is a place where your views count and through them, you will be able to contribute to the change in the world tomorrow. It has one of the largest user interfaces as compared to other panels which will make your time while taking the surveys, enjoyable. When doing the surveys, once you reach the 5000 points mark, you will be in a position to withdraw them  as they convert to $50, which you can withdraw through western union money transfer.  One survey can take between 2-5 minutes and it automatically earns you 50 – 100 points.paid-surveysWhen signing up for the best paid survey sites, makes sure it is a genuine one. Several sites have sprouted who are conning people of their time by engaging them in surveys which don’t pay at all. Be wise while doing your signing up; make sure the site you are on is a secure site where your personal information is safe. Share the information with other users of survey sites.

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