Best Movies Of Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is someone who has made an impact in our lives and in the world of movies for eternity. His Indiana Jones series or the Jurrasic Park series dove into our imagination and played with every little fetish of ours, no matter how childish or adventurous they were. His work has completely changed the world of cinema and we have made a list of three of his best works according to us and you can simply head to 123movies to watch them anytime for free.123movies


Schindler’s List is one of the greatest war movies which is based on the World War II and shows the effect of the holocaust greatly. This movie is about a Nazi, Oskar Schnindler who was a businessman and owned many factories and how he saved 1200 Jews from getting gassed at the concentration by using them as workers in his factories. He even spent most of his fortune bribing Nazi officials so that he could smuggle the Jews out. This movie focuses in detail on the grieving of the Jews.


ET: The Extra Terrestrial is one of the most special movies that I have ever watched. This movie is about an alien ship that visits earth and lives an alien behind who is found by a kid and the kid takes the alien to his house and keeps it hidden till its ship is back to get it but somehow the government gets knowledge about it. How will the alien go back? What will they do to the alien?123movies


Empire of the Sun is about a small boy who gets lost in China during World War II and how he manages to live without them. This movie is about the struggles of the buy when the kid loses his innocence and how he gets affected. The movie ends on a happy note.

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