Benefits of the best Tig welders

TIG is the abbreviation form which stands for “Tungsten Inert Gas.” This is an arc welding process using a non-consumable tungsten electrode during the production of the weld. The entire weld area receives protection for any atmospheric contamination with a help on an inert shielding gas present within. Welders would always use the best tig welders so that they can have a cleaner and a better welding. Though this process may be difficult at first, slowly its skill can be mastered. tig-welder-1One of the uses of tig welding is done for welding metals together such as:

  1. Steel,
  2. Stainless Steel,
  3. Aluminum,
  4. Nickel Alloys,
  5. Magnesium,
  6. Copper,
  7. Brass,
  8. Bronze,
  9. Gold.

Certain items such as bike frames, lawn mowers, door handles, fenders made of such metal
s are also welded together by using Tungsten inert gas.welding-toolsThe benefits of Tungsten Inert gas have been mentioned below:

  1. A clean as well as precise welding is given when Tig Welding is used or even if it is used on different kinds of metals.
  2. The best advantage of Tig Welding is that it can only be used on certain metals and not all.
  3. There is flexibility in carrying out the welding in any position as preferred by the person welding the metal.
  4. The finished work done by Tig Welding is neat and clean in appearance.

How does Tig Welding work?

When a person uses tig welding, the metal is heated by the tungsten electrode. While this is being done, a gas most commonly known as Argon is used as a protective shield for the puddle of metal which is created from the outside contaminated air. Then the use of non-consumable tungsten as well as filler metal is added together. This combination forms a clean and high quality welding.

mqdefaultPrecautions, tips and techniques for using Tig Welding:

  1. It is highly recommended to wear a protective safety gear before beginning any kind of welding work. This will provide protection from any further damage. So putting on protective eyewear and inflammable thick clothing is highly recommended.
  2. The Tig Welding torch should be connected right on the tip of the slot so that the heat is only focused on the metal.
  3. For controlling the heat the foot pedal should be attached so that the machine can be switched on or off whenever required.
  4. The heat capacity will differ from one metal to the other. So the settings of the tig welding machine should be adjusted accordingly.
  5. The tungsten should be sharpened and grinded as it will make contact on the desired place of the metal much easier.
  6. The gas flow of the machine can also be set accordingly. For example, if you need only argon gas then set it for argon gas only, or you can also achieve a combination of a mixture of argon gas.
  7. The metal which is about to be welded should be properly cleaned first so that the welding process is done smoothly.
  8. After all the necessary setting adjustments and checks are done, you can begin with the welding process.

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