A Beginners Guide To Buying The Best Gaming Keyboard For Your Pc

Computer gaming has today become a major breakthrough in the lives of young generation. While playing games with your PC, a good gaming keyboard is must.There are varieties of gaming keyboards available in the market today and with so many options available you end up getting confused on how to choose the best gaming keyboard.

Standard vs Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards that are typically designed for fast and smooth gaming experience come with a large number of programmable keys which are backlit sometimes or contain a thicker paint coating on the most frequently used gaming keys. Some keyboards also contain keys which make a sound on pressing unlike the standard computer keyboards. Now day’s gamers also have an option of going for wireless keyboards which do not require physical cables for connectivity.


Wireless and Wired Gaming Keyboards: Which is better?

While wired keyboards are connected through by plugging them into USB ports, wireless keyboards use either Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF) mode for connection.The benefits of using wired keyboards are:

  • Easy to plug and play
  • No batteries are required
  • Cheaper and affordable

In spite of high price, wireless keyboards are preferred more by people because of their portability and ease of use.

Whichever you choose keep in mind your gaming keyboard must contain the following features:


  • Presence of additional programmable keys is a good option to look for fast games like dungeon crawlers as their usage will double up the speed of game.
  • Choosing a keyboard with multimedia options is recommended.Such keyboards contain volume shortcut keys or shortcuts to access the internet directly.
  • Some gaming keyboards come with a facility of locking the windows on your computer so that start menu cannot be triggered this prevents the game from running in background.

Hence, before you decide to buy a gaming keyboard, make sure you have a clear vision of features that you want to have in order to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

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