Battle Of The Managers Iii

Football is more than just a game and the game is played on a lot of levels than the one we only see on the field. There are a lot of factors involved like the opponents game play and style and the way the players get ready for the game, these points really affect the result of the game and that is the reason why football is such an amazing game because any team can defeat a big team on their day and with the help of just one improvised move and that is exactly why managers are so important and it is definitely a battle of managers during this season.  888sport_homepage_seo-slider_5_tcm853-209907


Arsene Wenger is the longest serving manager in the Premier League and his name is definitely going down in history due to his impeccable Invincibles. He has constantly kept Arsenal in the top 4 position and has constantly made them compete handsomely in the Champions League but to be honest he has no titles to show for his achievements. Arsene Wenger has been unable to win the league title in the last 12 years and his critics have been really going down on him due to his conservative nature. Critics have been rounding him off as a person who is unable to win anything and settles for anything that he gets. It would be a real slap on the face of his critics if he wins this


Walter Mazzari was not a name everyone was familiar with in the Premier League but everyone knows who he is right now. The former Napoli and Milan manager and changed the fortunes of Watford as they currently sit at 7th position in the table, under all the big names. They have made life tough for all the top clubs in the league and could definitely be pushing for an Europa League spot.

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